Camila Giorgi engaged!

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Twenty-four-year-old Camila Giorgi may have recently lost her third straight Katowice Open final, but her love life is blossoming as we can conclude by her latest Instagram post in which the Italian is showing her engagement ring.

The world No.45 accompanied the selfie with hashtags #engagement, #ring, #love, #emocionada #feliz.

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Who’s the lucky guy? Giacomo Miccini, fellow Italian tennis player, a 23-year-old who was ranked No.20 as a junior in 2008 and was Nick Bollettieri’s big hope, but injuries hampered his projected rise and he hasn’t achieved much in his career, although his ITF profile still states that his tennis ambition is to be No.1.

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Miccini’s current ranking is No.1071 and he has earned just $208 in prize money this year, while his total career prize money is $12,209, compared to Giorgi’s $1,818,375.

Camila Giorgi and Giacomo

I don’t know when they started dating, but I don’t think it was a long time ago, as I first heard rumors about their relationship less than five months ago. However, I heard that they’ve known each other since they were teens.

Congratulations to the young couple! They are a beautiful addition to my WTA Players and their Love Partners page.


  1. Hey dude, don’t loan money or give your bank password to the girl or worse to your future step father!

    I know, I’m too sarcastic those days.

  2. I could care less who she is dating but she is the most gifted tennis player not in the top ten. She needs a tennis coach and needs to learn how to hit an inside out shot and how to play a horizontal game. She is strong fit and obviously putting in the time to be great. Stop playing a hard vertical game and start varying your speeds. Use your head more. You could easily be in the top ten and should be. Please get a coach who knows what he is doing and can strengthen your game.


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