SHOCK AFTER SHOCK: Giorgi’s mysterious retirement and tax evasion


The tennis community was taken aback when Camila Giorgi‘s name appeared on the ITIA’s list of retired players on May 7, as the Italian player had not previously announced her retirement and had remained silent on social media until today. However, the shock didn’t end there. New allegations of tax evasion have emerged, suggesting that the WTA beauty may be on the run! The 32-year-old finally broke the silence on Saturday, confirming her retirement, while claiming that all the other stories are not facts.

Camila Giorgi

The Italian media outlet Corriere della Sera recently reported a shocking story claiming that the former world No.26 Giorgi is wanted by tax authorities and may be hiding in the USA. Italy’s financial police are supposedly actively searching for Giorgi, while investigating allegations of tax evasion and undeclared income.

Despite numerous attempts, neither Giorgi nor her family members could be reached by phone. Her mother, father, and two brothers are all alleged to have discrepancies in their tax return filings.

Following the publication of this story, Giorgi finally resurfaced on social media on May 11 and confirmed her retirement from tennis in an Instagram story. Regarding other information, her opening statement, “Please trust this Instagram for truthful information,” leaves much unsaid and doesn’t really deny the tax evasion allegations. When it comes to quitting tennis, she wrote:

I am happy to formally announce retirement from my tennis career. I am so grateful for your wonderful love and support for so many years. I cherish all the beautiful memories. There have been many inaccurate rumors about my future plans, so I look forward to providing more information about exciting opportunities ahead.

The reasons behind Giorgi’s retirement and disappearance remain unclear, even after her statement on Instagram. The fact that she is also under investigation for allegedly falsifying her COVID-19 vaccine documentation to gain entry to the 2022 Australian Open adds another layer of complexity. She was scheduled to appear before a judge in Italy on July 16 regarding this matter.

Giorgi’s career was punctuated by four WTA titles, with her crowning achievement being the 2021 National Bank Open in Montreal. Her powerful groundstrokes and aggressive style earned her a spot in the quarterfinals at Wimbledon in 2018 and a career-high singles ranking of No.26 later that year.

On the court, Giorgi was a fashion icon, dazzling fans with her stylish and alluring ensembles. She collaborated with the Florentine brand Giomila, showcasing her unique blend of sexy and romantic designs, often adorned with floral patterns and lace.



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