Camila Giorgi announces cooperation with Giomila fashion


Camila Giorgi has long been known for her stylish tennis dresses created by her mother Claudia Giorgi, so it comes as no surprise that the Italian is now actively involved in the fashion industry. The WTA player has become an ambassador of Florentine brand called Giomila.

Although Giomila is apparently a blend of Camila Giorgi‚Äôs name, the tennis beauty is officially only calling it a collaboration and not an ownership. The company logo includes the letter ‚ÄúG‚ÄĚ inside a flower.

The new Italian fashion company offers limited-edition clothing and accessories for women. On the court, Giorgi is famous for feminine outfits: nude-colored lace dresses, floral, dotted and animal prints, ruffles, tiered skirts, etc.

Giomila reflects Camila’s recognizable clothing style, combining pastel tones with black and white staples in a variety of patterned and lace mini skirts, short dresses, shirts and leggings.

Giomila also offers a high-end cap available in peach, nude, black and white. The cap is designed in such a way not to damage or alter any hairstyles. The brand’s adjustable metal bracelet is available in the same colors.

Everything related to Giomila is 100% made in Italy. The company offers free worldwide express delivery. Prices range from 170 EUR to 370 EUR.


  1. I personally think Giorgi’s on court fashion is quiet one dimensional, its just lace or printed pattern.
    But she is beautiful, she has that classic European beauty!

  2. Ian, I think she has a unique, recognizable style. Always feminine. It’s true that it usually involves lace and prints, but I don’t consider it one-dimensional.

  3. I love her tennis. She definitely seems on song at the moment and it is great to watch. She was always different. I have followed her for a long time and now we can see more of her as she progresses deeper into tournaments and hopefully not have to qualify as much. I like her little dresses ‚Äď they suit her and they haven‚Äôt changed for a long time. Great to have some individuality. I also love Italy!!!

  4. Classy look, classy performance today in Montréal defending her Canadian Open title against Emma Raducanu. I’m here because I Googled Giomila after seeing the label during her interview.


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