Alla Kudryavtseva vents out about struggles with weight and harsh tennis environment


Alla Kudryavtseva is one of many mothers making her way back on the WTA Tour. The return has been everything but a smooth ride and the 33-year-old Russian is so fed up with all the pressure that she’s recently used harsh language to vent out her frustration.

Alla Kudryavtseva of Russia & Oksana Kalashnikova of Georgia playing doubles at the 2021 St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy WTA 500 tournament, photo by Jimmie48

Most people are supportive and understand how difficult it is to take care of a toddler, get back in shape and live up to the demanding lifestyle of a professional athlete. However, the former doubles world No.15, who gave birth to a baby boy in December 2018, is facing a fair share of criticism and high expectations, so she took to Twitter to inform everyone, especially gamblers, to get off her back:

Added to the usual name calling and career advice (to quit) are the painful body shaming messages from our ever “admirable” disappointed gamblers. Trust me guys, I am painfully aware I am a lot bigger than I used be. And it is extremely hard to be surrounded by perfectly fit 20-year-olds and a bunch of mamas that look fitter than ever…

The nine-time doubles titlist Kudryavtseva is aware of her shortcomings and she’s giving her maximum to improve:

I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and I’m struggling to shed those pounds. I’m trying, I’m working and I’m back on the tennis court… So f*** y** and leave me alone.

Kudryavtseva’s tweets remind tennis fans that what we see on the court during matches is just a fraction of what players are going through. We should all be more supportive. Kudryavtseva should be praised for the very fact that she’s still playing tennis even though being a mom of a young child is practically a full time job.


  1. yeah, that’s real classy coming from an average barely former top 50 player.
    She didnt need to use the F word, in public, hello you are a mother now!

  2. I don’t blame her for being forthright. For someone to comment on a person’s body shape is just not acceptable. It’s like people feel they own people with a public profile and expect them to keep to impossible standards. Obviously if you are carrying too much weight then there may be issues with your fitness and mobility, but if she wants to play way shouldn’t she? Serena Williams is not exactly thin and she is one of the greatest all time champions.


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