Top 3 tennis strings for beginners in 2021

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A good tennis racquet is a necessity, but if you want to take your tennis to the next level you should pay just as much attention on tennis strings. Coach Marcin Bieniek, founder of Enjoy Tennis Blog, will help beginner tennis players pick the best tennis strings.

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Strings are often a neglected part of tennis equipment. Players carefully consider their choice of a new racquet, they do a broad research before buying new tennis shoes, but strings are at the end of this equipment preparation process. Taking little time to pick the string can contribute to players not being able to achieve their potential. The truth is that the string is as important as the racquet, so players should understand which string would be the best choice for them.

How tennis strings affect your game

Tennis strings are responsible for many aspects of the game. An appropriate string can help players perform more effectively. Tennis strings can be the solution if players are looking for more pace in their shots or when they need to increase the control of their shots to improve consistency during rallies. From the physical perspective, choosing the right tennis string is crucial to protect your body and avoid unnecessary injuries. Improper type of string can cause tennis elbow. Also, don’t forget the financial side. Strings vary in their durability, so if you are at a lower level of performance, there is no need to have the string that breaks every week.

To make this selection easier and faster, I have prepared my Top 3 picks for the best tennis string for beginners.

sigmund pro poly plasma

1. Signum Pro Poly Plasma

My favorite is the Signum Pro Poly Plasma. It’s a great string for beginners that will guarantee all the qualities that players need in order to learn the strokes in the most comfortable way. It helps generate spin to the ball, it keeps the tension for a long time and it fits “the durable string” category. If you are looking for a complete beginners’ string to make sure that you are well-prepared for your next lesson, this is the choice for you.

Buy Sigmund Pro Poly Plasma at Tennis Warehouse USA or Tennis Warehouse Europe.

kirschbaum tennis string

2. Kirschbaum Max Power

Kirschbaum is the company that has produced tennis strings for ages, so it has to be on my list. My pick for beginners is Kirschbaum Max Power. This particular model is a polyester string that offers additional power, so it will be a good choice for producing quality shots right from the beginning. Don’t be scared of the name of this string, because Max Power guarantees a perfect combination of additional power and spin control. This is all you need to possess while building the base of your fundamentals in tennis.

Buy Kirschbaum Max Power at Tennis Warehouse USA or Tennis Warehouse Europe.

Babolat RPM Blast 16 String

3. Babolat RPM Blast

Babolat RPM Blast is definitely a more professional type of string, still, I have decided to put it on my list. The price is higher than my previous recommendations, but it is justified by a supreme product quality. RPM Blast is not as durable as other picks, but the feeling of the ball and ability to control your shots are significantly better and noticeable. If you think about staying with tennis for longer and adding regular competition to your future schedule, you should consider a more professional option.

Buy Babolat RPM Blast at Tennis Warehouse USA or Tennis Warehouse Europe.

Proper strings can help you improve faster and make your learning process more enjoyable. To take your tennis to the next level, invest enough time in picking good equipment.

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