Marcin Bieniek

Tennis player serving on a grass court.

How to play on grass courts

While the grass-court season may be short, it presents an opportunity to witness how players adapt to this unique surface. If you ever find yourself with the chance to play or compete on grass,...

How to master the game against left-handed tennis players

Understanding the left-handed challenge In the diverse world of tennis, left-handers add a big challenge to the game, especially to players who practice mostly with right-handers. Coach Marcin Bieniek unveils the secrets to triumphing over left-handed...

Mastering the mental game: Thriving under pressure in tennis

Introduction Tennis is a captivating sport that offers both fun and physical activity to players. However, when players step onto the tournament court, they are often confronted with the dark side of tennis—an overwhelming amount...

Mastering tennis on clay courts: Key priorities to ace your game on dirt.

The clay-court season is upon us, and for tennis players, this means adapting to a slower surface and longer rallies. The game is played outside during summer months so the temperature is always high...
Martina Navratilova

What age is too old to play tennis?

Although many people doubt whether they should engage in intensive rallies later in life, tennis can be played at any age. Coach Marcin Bieniek explains how to successfully make this sport a part of...
Caroline Garcia

Is tennis more mental or physical? Coach explains.

Recreational tennis puts no pressure on players, but as soon as rivalry enters the game, mental aspects play a crucial role in competition. Coach Marcin Bieniek explains whether tennis is more mental or physical. Professional...

Is tennis hard on the body?

Tennis offers many health benefits, but as with any aspect of life, there are also side effects. Both amateurs and professionals suffer minor or major injuries from time to time. Understanding why injuries occur...

Half volley, a necessary tennis skill for fast court surfaces

Players have to be ready to quickly react to their opponent's shots numerous times. They have around one second to set up their body and racquet and execute a controlled shot. Tennis coach Marcin...

How to become a professional tennis player? Part II

To become a tennis pro, you have to be an excellent competitor and deal with many factors that you can’t fully control. In Part I, coach Marcin Bieniek, founder of Enjoy Tennis Blog,  wrote about...

How to become a professional tennis player? Part I

In this Part I, coach Marcin Bieniek, founder of Enjoy Tennis Blog, sheds some light on how to become a pro from a general perspective. You will learn how a tennis career has to...
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