Marcin Bieniek

Caroline Garcia

Unlocking success in tennis: The art of proper perspective

Mastering tennis is no walk in the park. The intricacies of the game demand attention to various facets for enhanced performance and readiness to face unforeseen challenges. Coach Marcin Bieniek explains how to achieve...

How to analyze the past year for best tennis results

With the curtains closed on 2023, tennis players around the globe are gearing up with fresh ambitions and meticulous plans to elevate their game in the new year. It’s natural to nurture positive expectations,...

Mastering tactical play: Elevating your tennis game through consistency

Tennis is an intricate sport demanding a repertoire of skills to thrive in competitive scenarios. When one strategy falters, a diverse skill set empowers players to pivot and seize an edge over opponents. Coach...
Iga Swiatek lifts the WTA Finals trophy

3 areas that distinguish champions from regular tennis players

We all admire the incredible feats of the world's top players. While these champions undoubtedly provide thrilling entertainment, there's more to glean from their performances. What truly sets these champions apart? What secrets do...
Aryna Sabalenka

How to practice tennis effectively despite bad mood

Embarking on a successful tennis career requires more than just talent and skill—it demands consistent dedication and a strategic mindset. While the theory is simple, navigating through obstacles and maintaining unwavering motivation can prove...
Linda Noskova of the Czech Republic covers her face with her hand at Cincinnati 2023

Self-talk traps that sabotage your tennis game

Tennis can be a lonely sport. It's a solo game where everything rides on you. Some players see this as an advantage – they can take full credit for their wins and losses. But...
Tennis player serving on a grass court.

How to play on grass courts

While the grass-court season may be short, it presents an opportunity to witness how players adapt to this unique surface. If you ever find yourself with the chance to play or compete on grass,...

How to master the game against left-handed tennis players

Understanding the left-handed challenge In the diverse world of tennis, left-handers add a big challenge to the game, especially to players who practice mostly with right-handers. Coach Marcin Bieniek unveils the secrets to triumphing over left-handed...

Mastering the mental game: Thriving under pressure in tennis

Introduction Tennis is a captivating sport that offers both fun and physical activity to players. However, when players step onto the tournament court, they are often confronted with the dark side of tennis—an overwhelming amount...

Mastering tennis on clay courts: Key priorities to ace your game on dirt.

The clay-court season is upon us, and for tennis players, this means adapting to a slower surface and longer rallies. The game is played outside during summer months so the temperature is always high...
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