3 areas that distinguish champions from regular tennis players

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We all admire the incredible feats of the world’s top players. While these champions undoubtedly provide thrilling entertainment, there’s more to glean from their performances. What truly sets these champions apart? What secrets do they hold that make them stand out from the rest? Coach Marcin Bieniek explains.

Iga Swiatek lifts the WTA Finals trophy


In individual sports like tennis, every detail matters. A weakness can be quickly exploited by opponents, turning the tide of a match. Champions excel not just due to their innate skills, but also their distinct approach to various facets of their tennis careers. Their unique vision empowers them to make sound decisions and find solutions swiftly, even in challenging moments.

In tennis, the margin between victory and defeat is razor-thin. A few pivotal points can determine the winner and the one heading home disappointed. To enhance your chances of success and consistently showcase your best, it’s crucial to adopt the same mindset as champions. Here are the key priorities:

1. Embrace mistakes as motivation

Mistakes are an integral part of the game. Novak Djokovic misses backhands, Rafael Nadal occasionally hits forehands long, Aryna Sabalenka makes double faults, and Iga Swiatek shanks returns. We all commit errors, but champions have a different approach to them. They recognize that missteps are the byproduct of their actions, driving them to work harder—both physically and mentally. In contrast, regular players often get frustrated by errors, leading to a decrease in motivation and, subsequently, more mistakes.

2. Focus on yourself

Players face myriad challenges daily, striving to improve during practice and succeed in competition. It’s no surprise that these pursuits demand uncomfortable tasks and the ability to overcome difficulties. Champions understand that they are accountable for their actions; when they falter, they take responsibility. Regular players may place blame on external factors, hindering their progress and maintaining their current level of play.

3. Do it consistently

While occasional leaps forward may be appealing, true progress is built upon small, consistent steps. It’s easy to muster motivation for a single day of intensive effort, but sustaining that level of commitment throughout the week is a far greater feat. Champions stand out not only for their skill in hitting the ball, but also for the unwavering consistency of their actions. Regular players may become disheartened or seek novelty, but champions find satisfaction in gradual progress, knowing that a consistent approach will yield the results they desire.


Continuous learning is the cornerstone of improvement. Tennis players should look up to those who have already reached the heights they aspire to. Often, champions don’t perform miraculous feats; rather, they execute simple actions with a magical touch. Embrace this champion’s approach, and you’ll find your goals more attainable than ever before. Elevate your game and unlock your true potential on the court.

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