Wilson launches Roland Garros-themed tennis racquets


Getting ready for the upcoming French Open, Wilson is launching two new racquets with design traits inspired by the claycourt Grand Slam. The limited-edition Ultra 100 v3 RG and Blade 98 (16×19) v7 RG feature classic vintage stripes combined with the cool grey, clay and navy accents synonymous with the prestigious tournament in Paris.

roland garros wilson racquets 2021

The Ultra 100 v3 Roland Garros racquet is great for those looking for easy access to power. Retail price is $199.

The Blade 98 (16×19) v7 Roland Garros racquet is ideal for competitive players who need increased feel and control for their aggressive play style. Retail price is $219.

Both racquets present a modern aesthetic that reflects the iconic red clay of Roland Garros. This color is complemented by timeless cool grey and maritime navy at the throat of the Blade, while it’s featured as an accent along with cool grey on the maritime navy-colored Ultra. The racquets have a matching cool grey-hued grip.


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