Serena makes it look so easy, cruises into Wimbledon finals


Serena WilliamsSerena Williams made this Wimbledon semifinal seem like her random chore on a Thursday afternoon, racing past Elena Vesnina 6-2 6-0 without even breaking a sweat.

When the world No.1 stormed to a 4-0 lead after just 14 minutes of match play it was evident that the Russian’s chances were slim, at most 2%. The on-fire Williams cruised through the first set in 27 minutes and continued even more dominantly in the second set, not even for a moment giving Vesnina glimpses of hope.

Despite the horrible loss, Vesnina has so much to be happy about. A Grand Slam semifinal is a great result and on Monday she’ll move back into the Top 25, while as recently as in February she was ranked No.122.

Interestingly, Vesnina will have to face Serena again in several hours, as their doubles quarterfinal is scheduled for later today. But first, let’s get ready for the second singles semifinal, Venus Williams vs. Angelique Kerber. (photo: Jimmie48)


  1. “You go, girl!” That Serena Williams is looking just like the GOAT & champ that she actually is; took care of business in just over 40 minutes. Simply amazing! Looks like #22 is just around the corner (hang tough, Serena!). I’d be so special and thrilling to see her in the final against her living legend sister, Venus Williams. Just the thought of the Williams sisters still holding it down after all these years is simply phenomenal! Still breaking records, still making history=The Williams Sisters/Amazing Living Legends

  2. Oh, yeah! And they’re both in the doubles quarterfinal. Now, that’s something more to talk about, everyone! By the way, thanks to Renee’ Stubbs for being the only commentator who’s referring to Serena Williams as the defending champion. I often wonder why commentators never say that during her matches, when she’s the one holding the title…interesting. And to not include what she’s accomplished in both singles and doubles, every time she steps on the court, commentators, is ridiculous!

  3. You did it, Serena! Congrats on #22 for you! What an amazing champion you are. The final today between you and Kerber was spectacular! May success continue to be yours. Enjoy your celebration; you so deserve this. As well, you and Venus go ahead and bring that trophy home for doubles, too; it’s just around the corner. God bless you both. You guys make me sooooooo proud! The GOAT=Serena J. Williams


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