Venus Williams’ EleVen Prism dress for the 2016 US Open

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Venus Williams has recently chatted with Nadia Murdock from Fab Fit Fun magazine and the tennis icon revealed that her EleVen sports apparel company is going to launch so many collections in the coming months, while her Prism collection for the US Open will be something special.

Venus Williams US Open 2016 dress by EleVen
A month ago my reader Joseph J. Lucata III told me on Twitter that the above is a first glimpse at Venus’ US Open dress and today I confirmed it with EleVen’s PR

Knowing how grey fall and winter days can demotivate us from training, Venus created the Prism collection to brighten up our lives and keep us energized even in gloomy periods. To be launched in August, that’s the collection the American will wear at the US Open.

Here’s how Venus herself describes it:

It takes colors and prints to a whole new level. You are going to love it! It’s my vision of what fall represents to me with the changing of seasons from summer. The bright and vibrant colors of summer are represented, as well as cooler and calmer tones for fall.

Venus is currently in Stanford, playing the Bank of the West Classic in the new Dahlia clothes, rocking both the printed items from the collection and the robin blue ones.

In the second round Venus sported the EleVen Dahlia Inspire Cap Sleeve and one of the skirts that goes with it, while the EleVen Dahlia Headband completed the look.

In her quarterfinal against Catherine Bellis, Venus showcased the blue version of the EleVen Dahlia Race Day Tank, pairing it with the EleVen Dahlia Triple Threat Skirt featuring color-block layers.

Venus Williams Olympic dress

And just to note that before Venus puts on her favorite Prism collection, she’ll play the Rio Olympics in this special-edition dress.

Let’s finish this post with a lovely motivational quote, Venus’ awesome answer to the journalist’s question: “How do you stay focused while training and running a successful company at the same time?”:

It’s easy to stay focused when you are so passionate about something.


  1. Eleven has definitely become one of the best brands on tour. I love how she uses all kinds of prints, cuts color blocks everything . I used to think she is still playing only to promote her line but to be ranked in top 10 at 36… she is so inspirational on so many levels and such a perfect role model for upcoming tennis players. A lot to learn from her


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