Nike unveils women’s tennis looks for the 2016 US Open


Nike‘s US Open 2016 collection is all about innovation that combats the humidity NYC has faced in the summer. When it comes to style, the bright color spectrum mimics the chromatic shift of the lights in the metropolis, while the black and white off-court collection pays homage to tennis in the 1980s.

Serena Williams' Nike dress for US Open 2016

Energized by the bright lights and city nights of NYC, Serena WilliamsNikeCourt Power Dress features pleats that enable natural range of motion and expose peeks of pink.


The item I see at Nike’s official website is somewhat different from the promo image of the world No.1, as it lacks the contrasting waistband, has a high collar and the sleeves are black.

Madison Keys outfit for US Open 2016

Madison Keys will compete in the NikeCourt Victory Skirt that incorporates a contoured power mesh waistband for breathable fit and built-in compression shorts. Just like the rest of the collection, the NikeCourt Dry Slam Tank features an engineered knit construction that provides ventilation in high-heat zones. The black and volt item also prides itself on a distraction-free fit, as the nearly seamless construction feels smooth against a player’s skin.

NikeCourt Slam Dress

The US Open collection also features this NikeCourt Dry Slam Dress, similar to Keys’ separates.

Madison Keys US Open outfit

Nike’s new women’s training apparel includes the NikeCourt Baseline Tank and the NikeCourt Baseline Short. The top is equipped with a tried-and-true racerback design to enable full range of motion, while Dri-FIT technology is there to transfer sweat to the fabric’s surface, where it quickly evaporates.

Bouchard's US Open look

The black and white off-court gear is inspired by the original tennis rebels who combined on-court artistry with an uninhibited off-court attitude. Pixelated graphics reference their habit of being censored by the media, while refined 1980s design details recall the era they dominated the courts.

Eugenie Bouchard is pictured wearing the NikeCourt Knit Tank Top featuring tailored lines that echo vintage tennis aesthetic, layered with the NikeCourt Woven Jacket, whose weight is optimum for mild weather.

Tell me your thoughts about Nike’s US Open clothes! I like Serena’s dress, but I prefer the high-collar option presented on the model. Also, pops of bright colors are always a perfect choice for Flushing Meadows.


  1. Why would Serena where an altered version of this dress!? It’s very sleek and modern, and it’s not too over the top. The back is also see-through mesh so she could add more color IF she wanted to by just wearing a pink sports bra under it.

  2. I just do not understand how anybody is supposed to play tennis (or perform ANY sport) in a dress with a high collar.

  3. Matt, we’ll see what she’ll wear in the end. She can change at any moment.

    Claire, Serena won this year’s Wimbledon in a high-collar dress.

  4. I like the NikeCourt Dry Slam Tank on Madison, can’t wait to actually see it on her live in New York.

    They never wore high collar dresses, but I always liked Li Na and even Navratilova back in the day who wore collared shirts to play.

  5. I think the dress with the pink pleats is very nice. The high collar looks stylish, but I’m not sure it is practical for tennis. I think it would feel restricting.

  6. I love the power dress – and think that with the mesh back, it gives a subtle edginess when normally I find Nike dresses really boring. I have the Serena Wimbledon dress that has the high neck and apart from when I first put it on, I can’t say that the high neck causes any problems when playing. I actually like the fact that my decolletage is covered and that I’m not inadvertently flashing anyone.

    The one issue is that the Nike dress doesn’t come with ball shorts which I find annoying, given the high price.

  7. Claire, sure, Serena is one of a kind, but you see that even the person commenting before you said that the high neck didn’t cause her problems.

  8. Any news on Maria’s outfit that she was supposed to wear day/night had she bot been suspended? #mariasfans

  9. I’d love to see bouchard in the unaltered outfit. I love both the night and day versions of this dress. It really has that high end fashion vibe to it kind of like what models wear

  10. I dont think so MArija, those are what Maria’s armies supposed to wear, because Maria would never wears separate on grandslam other than 2008 Wimbledon! Can’t you find out? I mean you didn’t have info on Maria’s night dress for last years us open!

  11. Ric, you’re right, Maria always wears dresses at Grand Slams. The separates are just items from her collection. I can tell you will certainty only the information I received directly from Nike and Nike’s info doesn’t include Maria.

  12. It’s disapointing as a Nike customer to see players like Serena in a beautifully stylish dress and the version that is sold on their site is not the same. I’ve been snookered a couple of times so far; not only is the style not exactly the same; but the material is not the same either.

  13. Am I the only tennis devotee who finds the dayglo green outfits very off-putting ? Does not reflect well on Nike. Wondering how many tennis players will buy these aggressively offensive outfits. Am glad Wimbledon would not permit. Wish other tournaments wd have dress code that did not permit these trashy outfits.

  14. I find Serena’s dress classy, and elegant with a ’50’s look. Both dresses, the black/fuschia and the one I saw today, the white/fuschia are beautiful. Only someone like Serena could carry such a dress AND play winning tennis. I love the added fashion and elbow support sleeves. Reminds me of the classic long black gloves worn in the 30’s through the 50’s. Serena has managed to bring classic fashion nostalgia to the court as well as color and style that I would love to wear on any tennis court.

  15. Now, well into the tournament, I have to agree with J. Scanlan and Terry Clark above, the Nike colours look trashy and cheap in action…


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