Vera Zvonareva is married and has a baby!


Thirty-one-year-old Vera Zvonareva, who played her last WTA tournament in April 2015, broke her social media silence by announcing that she’s now a wife and a mother.

Dear friends! Over the past couple of years I wasn’t posting much due to lots of injuries and inability to compete… but there is more to life than just sports (even though I love sports!). No matter what, this year is a very fruitful year for me… I became a wife and a mother! Having family feels amazing! But no matter what, sport will always play a huge part in my life! Therefore, see you on Eurosport channel soon, where I will try to take a commentator’s role during this year’s US Open!

The winner of 12 WTA singles titles and two-time Grand Slam finalist is now retired, but she’ll apparently stay around tennis by commentating on the sports channel. Let me remind you that Zvonareva has plenty of career options, as besides being a world-class athlete, she managed to obtain two degrees: one from Russian State Academy of Physical Education and one in international economic relations at Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow.

Congratulations, Vera! What a lovely addition to my WTA Players and their Love Partners page.


  1. wow this came out of nowhere. What’s with russians and their secrecy with marriages and babies. Any ways congrats vera. marija is she going to be on Eurosport english or russian?? If russian, I think she’ll do commentary with safina and chakvatadze???

  2. I wish Vera the very best in married life. She has led a very full life to date; Sport and political Science degrees and being a top ten player is no mean achievement (2 Grand Slam finals!!) Good luck

  3. My number one, I started supporting you since 2009 because you made me to love tennis, I wish you and your family all the best in life. #????QUEENVERA

  4. Enormous respect for players who do not neglect their education. Very glad to see Vera playing again. Commentators are not giving her enough credit for having a family AND advanced degrees.


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