Bojana Jovanovski getting married to kayaker Milos Petrovic in November


After her ex-boyfriend Petar Cavic jumped off a bridge over their breakup, Serbian tennis player Bojana Jovanovski decided to keep the past where it belongs and started a happy new relationship with Milos Petrovic, a professional kayaker and Master of Physical Education, which will be crowned with marriage on November 19th.

Milos proposed to Bojana at a restaurant after a visit to the zoo and a romantic walk at the Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade last fall and now after almost two and a half years of dating the couple will tie the knot in a large wedding ceremony. In order to be able to have a church wedding, Bojana got baptized a few weeks ago.

The 24-year-old Bojana said that from the very beginning she knew that her three years older boyfriend was her perfect match. They get along very well, love each other and everyone in their environment recognizes that.

Recent months have been very difficult for Jovanovski in terms of her career and health. The Serbian tennis star spent a considerable portion of 2015 and 2016 away from the tennis courts due to wrist and right shoulder injuries. After undergoing a painful and difficult surgery in Spain this summer, Jovanovski is now going through a long recovery process and is expected to return to the WTA circuit in January 2017. Jovanovski has no match wins this season, only five losses, and her ranking is down to No.263.

I don’t think we’ve ever had a busier WTA year when it comes to weddings and that’s wonderful! For more WTA love stories, visit my page WTA Players and their Love Partners. (source: Blic)


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