Karolina Pliskova dating bad boy Michal Hrdlicka, brings him to Singapore


Karolina Pliskova is crowning her successful 2016 season with a debut at the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore and the Czech brought her boyfriend Michal Hrdlicka to accompany her during the glamorous draw ceremony. The handsome guy is sure keeping Pliskova’s mind busy, as he seems to be a womanizer and even has a child with a former colleague, 10 years his senior, although the tennis player has never been more successful, so I suppose it’s all good.

Karolina and Michal at the WTA Finals draw ceremony in Singapore

Wearing a blue goddess gown, the world No.5 Pliskova was probably the best dressed player on Friday evening, and the whole visual impression was even better as she was in the arms of her hot boyfriend. The handsome guy sure stole the WTA player’s heart, as it was not long ago that he was caught totally wasted in Karlovy Vary, being intimate with other women and even pissing on the street while Pliskova was busy playing Wimbledon.

When I came across that cheating scandal, I chose not to share the story, but now that I see Pliskova keeps posting photos with him, with captions “My baby”, “My summer nights with him”, and so on, I guess the turbulent July night is a thing of the past.

As to who the guy is, at fabwags.com I found that the bad boy was born December 9, 1988 in Prague and is best known for being a sports commentator and moderator for TV Nova (although, he was fired this summer, probably because of the highly-publicized drunk night out). The 27-year-old played soccer, but a knee injury forced him to abandon the dream of becoming a professional, while tennis and running are also his favorite activities.

According to the website, Michal starting working at TV Nova in 2009 and in 2013 he started dating his colleague Lucie Borhyova. Already in June 2014, the couple welcomed a baby daughter Linda, and by the end of that same year they split! Just months later, in spring 2016, it was confirmed that Michal was dating Karolina.

Czech readers, do you have anything to add in the comments? Any more info?

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  1. It’s become something of a rite of passage for young WTA stars to date bad boys. I remember like it was yesterday frantically searching Google for “Ivanovic Verdasco pics” “Ana Ivanovic dating Verdasco” because I didn’t believe my friend when she said they were a couple!! (That’s how I found your website by the way..God! I cannot believe 2009 was so long ago).

    But this guy, Hrdlicka, is on another level! I really like KaPlis, so I hope she just has fun and gets out of this relationship with minimal damage.

  2. Karunya, it’s amazing that you found WTB through that search and that you’ve sticked around for almost 8 years now. 🙂

    I never liked Verdasco as Ivanovic’s boyfriend, but I considered it as her inexperience and youth, but this Hrdlicka guy is way too much for me to chew, I don’t know what Pliskova’s thinking.

  3. Yea ditto . This guy doesn’t appear to have anything to offer Karolina, plus he carries more baggage than a Black Friday shopper. What is she thinking, dude already has a baby, and no apparent job too!?

  4. why would you be with a guy with a kid when you are only 24 years old? Too young to attach yourself to a daddy! Besides, the guy doesn’t look like the kind that you settle down with – no manners and immature.

  5. Karolina why are you throwing your life away with this guy…. well his baby will have a rich step mom to take care of him now, I know the ex-girlfriend is very happy! Karolina, as you have to know this guy don’t give a sh_t about you, don’t be so desperate!

  6. This guy doesn’t deserve such a marvelous wonderwoman. She may be trusting he’ll change, but she may be dangerously wrong. Change or not, he’s already done HARM to other girls, and – Jesus – Karolina is REWARDING him, whithout any consideration for his previous victims! Of course nobody wants her to suffer, but if she does, forgive me, SHE IS ASKING FOR IT. It’s already affecting her game (fewer aces, unforced errors by dozens, poor judgement at challenges, leaving too much angle for rival, almost zero approach to net, nerves hot, a sad sight for us fans).

  7. Karolina might want to have a chat with Victoria Azarenka whose ‘bad boy’ wanted only to loot her assets and bank account and that baby was his method. How long was she off the tour – financially damaged too – as she went through the court case and had to play mama bear for her kid. VA has not regained her mojo yet. This loser seems to be cut from the same cloth. Wake up girl……

  8. Yup. She literally had the WORST year of any top ranked player. (I think she’s lost 3 times alone this year to lowly Jessica Pegula!!) I’ve never seen such a skilled player, with all the tools and potential, be so underachieving. So, something must be “off” elsewhere. I have to assume it’s her “bad boy” husband. He probably cheats on her when she’s at tournaments. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He’s not even 30. Guys don’t change til much later, “if” they even do. Dumb decision Karolina, dumb. smdh.


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