Wilson launches 2017 Blade performance tennis racquets featuring Countervail technology

Wilson Blade 98S

Wilson Sporting Goods Co. announced the introduction of four new high performance Blade racquets, enhanced with Countervail technology, i.e. layered carbon fiber originally used in the aerospace industry to dissipate vibrational energy in airplanes and space vehicles.

The Blade racquets, designed for attacking-style players who seek aggressive control, feature strategically placed precise amounts of the Countervail technology in specific areas of the frame, minimizing the effects of vibration. The innovation gives players maximum control and accuracy, decreases fatigue in long matches, and ensures faster recovery after tiring training sessions.

The University of Minnesota’s School of Kinesiology conducted a study with competitive collegiate players, men and women, and concluded that athletes playing with Countervail-equipped racquets experienced 10 percent less fatigue when playing, while with greater energy these players had 40 percent more control over their shots, without compromising feel. The study involved Wilson tennis racquets with Countervail technology vs. standard Wilson tennis racquets without Countervail technology.

The newest members of the Blade family with Countervail include the Blade 98 (18×20), Blade 98 (16×19) and Blade 98S (“S” stands for Spin Effect technology). Additional 2017 models without Countervail include the Blade 104, 101L, 98L, 98UL, which were specially developed for younger players to support proper technique and swing effort.

Current top-ranked players and Wilson Advisory Staff Members Serena Williams, Madison Keys, Milos Raonic, Gael Monfils and David Goffin play with the Blade on tour.

New Blade models with Countervail cost $219.00 (US), while those without Countervail cost $199.00 (US). Previous Blade models are now discounted 20% at Tennis Warehouse US and Tennis Warehouse Europe.


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