Jovana Jaksic lucky in love, enjoys Canada with boyfriend


While some WTA players are still sweating at tennis courts, some have started their well-deserved vacation and among those relaxed players is Jovana Jaksic, who is enjoying Niagara Falls with her boyfriend Vuja (Vujadin) Jovic. The couple has been sharing their special moments on Twitter and Instagram, so I thought it would be nice to include them in my WTA Players and their Love Partners series.


Posting the above photo, Jovana kick-started her off-season leisure:

Happy to announce that my vacation started! Had a blast seeing Niagara Falls today with my love.


About a year ago Vuja posted his first pics with Jovana, but at the time he didn’t reveal anything in his status:

Thank you for coming to town Jovana and bringing Kings some needed good luck tonight!


The couple made their relationship official to the public when Vuja posted the above pic some three months ago, saying:

It’s official… I am the luckiest man alive :)) Eternal gratitude for the most amazing person I’ve ever met and her feeling the same or at least close to it.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen many photos of the love birds online. Words and expressions such as “sweetheart”, “one and only”, “love”, etc. are always in their photo captions.


In late September, the 257th-ranked tennis player shared the above photo and said: “Happy with my win today, great crowd! Thanks for support my love even tho you can barely walk!” Vuja shared a similar photo and said: “I love you Jovana, so very proud of you and the way you carried yourself on the court today.”


On September 30th Jovana turned 23 and this couch photo is from what she called her best birthday celebration.


Let’s see now, who’s the lucky guy? I checked his LinkedIn profile and found out that for 12 years he was a sports agent, while now he’s in the field of real estate. He’s based in Sacramento. Do you guys have any more info?


Everyone is noticing how much older Vuja is from Jovana (he’s about 45) and I’ve seen many harsh comments on Twitter, but I don’t think we are the ones to judge and put down people who are enjoying their time together.


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