Daniela Hantuchova challenges Sugarpova with D-One healthy snack

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Daniela Hantuchova is extending her career network in the same field as Maria Sharapova with Sugarpova, only that the Slovak is playing it safe with a raw fruit snack called D-One, while the Russian had to go through a period of attacks for being an athlete who promotes candy full of sugar.

In cooperation with Maxsport, WTA player Hantuchova created a super heathy snack filled only with the best ingredients, spiced up with some love as well, as the former world No.5 said when announcing the new venture.

Here’s how Hantuchova describes her product:

D-One is a healthy raw fruit bite which as a professional athlete I believe has all that you need to give you energy during your work, workouts, meetings or anything you do during your day and keep you going.

With Hantuchova’s career approaching a sunset, it’s a good move to start new projects, although absolutely no one in the women’s tennis world can compete with Sharapova’s ability to sell everything and make every project successful. The most important thing is that you’re enjoying what you’re doing and Daniela is showing that she’s all smiles, yet serious about business, and D-One is probably just one of projects she has for the future:


  1. Such a copycat of Maria Sharapova, starting with the style of play, outfits, the fistpumps. the rackets. She was the hot one on court until Masha showed up! Too bad she doesnt have a success as much as Masha does! I can tell Hantuchova is envy of all Masha’s success..

  2. @ Fry: I don’t get it – “she was the hot one on court until Masha showed up” – so how does this make her a copycat? She is a bit older than Sharapova and has perhaps never been as good (but no doping there either, as fas as I know) but she was sponsored by Nike before Sharapova showed up, so what about the outfits? I guess she wants to make profit of what is left of her name when the career is over. I don’t get the snack thing either, but must admit that Hantuchova’s raw snacks seem much more tempting than the Sugarpova sugar bombs…

  3. I don’t like the name. It could be read “Done”! And the packaging isn’t that attractive… Daniela should take some business class from Maria!


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