Photos: Sharapova loses to Puig in the Puerto Rico exhibition match

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Playing her first singles match in 11 months, Maria Sharapova lost to Monica Puig 6-3 1-6 10-6 in an exhibition match in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our photographer Jimmie48 was right there, bringing us photos from the busy Thursday which included a beach walk, press conference, kids clinic and the match in the evening.

For more photos from the Monica Puig Invitational, visit our yesterday’s practice pics gallery.


  1. Good for growth of the game in countries that don’t have a history. Monica has done a lot for Puerto Rico. By winning the gold medal in Rio, the first one in any sport, male or female for that country. And it didn’t hurt that Masha made an appearance as her opponent in San Juan. Good to see her again on the court.

  2. I used to be a fan of Sharapova, but her stupid grunting made it hard to watch matches. I still am a fan of Sharapova. Puig, after her performance in Rio was amazing and I am now I fan I have even picked her to be in my top 10 for end of next year.


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