It’s a boy! Victoria Azarenka gives birth to her first baby

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Victoria Azarenka has become a proud mother of a beautiful baby boy! The Belarusian gave birth late on Monday night and was quick to share her happiness on Twitter, saying:

Today I had my hardest fight and my very best victory! Our son was born healthy and happy! So thankful and blessed! Thank you.

I’m eager to hear the baby’s name! It’s strange that Vika didn’t reveal it in her tweet.

Looking at this beautiful photo, I still find it hard to believe that Vika has become a mother! The delivery, however, was not unexpected, as in July Vika said that her due date was the end of the year.

Year 2016 has been the craziest in women’s tennis in the last decade. We’ve had dozens of marriages & babies, scandals & shocks, and now that we’re just 10 days away from 2017, in a matter of hours we got the news about Vika giving birth and Petra Kvitova being stabbed by a robber in her apartment. Can we expect anything more to happen by the end of the year?

UPDATE: Here’s a photo of the daddy with the baby! 🙂



  1. Happy for Vika…now shouldn’t Li Na be popping out that second baby soon? Hope she also delivers a boy to go along with their daughter Alisa.

  2. Vika’s a lousy personality on and off the courts, and her out of wedlock delivery proves she’ll be a rotten parent!

  3. Mr. Tennis, you need to go away. With comments like that apparently you have issues. I bet you have never even picked up a racket! You probably just whine and complain about other people because you hate yourself and have no personality or friends.

  4. As an African and a Nigerian in particular, I welcome the child into this world whether in wedlock or out of wedlock


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