Fashion overview: Ana Ivanovic’s stylish 2016 with Adidas’ zebra and geometric prints


Ana Ivanovic has always been one of the best dressed WTA players thanks to Adidas, so let’s have a look at all her 2016 dresses. We’ve sure had some memorable prints this year!


The former world No.1 opened the season in the red version of the Adidas Spring Adizero Dress that made the tennis fashion world divided into those that loved it and those that thought it looked like a tablecloth. Ivanovic sported the design during her first six tournaments of 2016, including the Australian Open.


I prefer the white version of the dress, which we saw Ana wearing in Stuttgart, Madrid and Rome. Here you can see that the printed mesh overlay is spelling out the word “tennis”.

PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 24 : Ana Ivanovic in action at the 2016 French Open

The most memorable dress of the 2016 season is certainly the Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 On Court Dress launched in Paris. I wrote so much about it in previous months and at the WTA website, so I don’t feel like repeating myself, but in short this is unarguably the most striking design of the season behind us because of the black and white pattern producing the illusion of motion and the red contrasting details.


For all you brave fashionistas out there, this is definitely a look to pursue!

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At Wimbledon, Adidas’ goal was to impress us with performance. Ivanovic’s Fall Climachill Dress featured a trio of leading sports apparel technologies: 3D aluminium-cooling spheres, mech-like micro fibres that wick moisture away and SubZero flat yarns that transfer heat away from the body.

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At the Rio Olympics, playing her first tournament as a married woman, Mrs. Schweinsteiger wore a white outfit enhanced by red details reminiscent of Stella McCartney’s recent designs for Adidas.

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In Cincinnati, Ivanovic sported a classic combo featuring the burgundy Adidas Fall Climachill Tank and a white skirt from the collection. I’ve already written about this outfit in my Angelique Kerber fashion retrospection.


Adidas saved the best for last, impressing us with this Fall Pro Dress at the US Open. Adidas has always been my favorite brand because they are the best in creating intriguing outfits that are simple, as many designers cross the line and enter the trashy territory when trying to create something unique. This dress launched in NYC pictures the metropolis’ breathtaking landscape, wonderfully balanced by the navy chest and racerback.

Do you agree that Ana’s US Open dress was the best outfit of the season? Also, now that enough time has passed, what’s your final verdict on the Australian Open “tablecloths” and Roland Garros’ “zebras”?



  1. I would definitely say that this year has been one of Ana’s best years with Adidas. My favorite dress would definitely be the Fall Pro Dress for US Open as it reminds me of the colorful skylines of New York. My second best dress would be Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 On Court Dress. I really like it when they make something unique and special for Ana for Roland Garros – her best Grand Slam event. My third favorite would be the white version of Adidas Spring Adizero Dress. I think the colors splashed well with white. I really hope they make something special for Ana for Olympics. They always stick with generic designs for all the players. I really like Ana on a dress so it was quite a shock when she opted to play on tank+skirt combo in Cincinatti. Overall, I would give Adidas a 9.5 out of 10 this year.

    I already saw the Australian Open dress for 2017. It is available in two shades. I know she’ll once again be on the fashion hits in Melbourne.

  2. Emman Damian, I agree, this was an amazing tennis fashion year for Ana, and I would add, yet another amazing fashion year. I don’t remember Ana ever having a mediocre season when it comes to dresses. I’m glad you share my opinion on the favorites!

    As for the 2017 clothes, I’ve received official info and photos from Adidas, but their release date is January 1, so I can’t post anything before that date! :/

  3. For me, my fav outfit of Ana this year is definitely Zebra Print. This outfit of the print is much better than the separates that kerber and simona wore. The way the black meshy back blends with the print and the red Y strap is amazing (I didn’t like the straps on seperates) Second best outfit would have to be her USO outfit it had so many details, different cuts I loved it but the reason separates from this collection got no 1 on my kerber’s list but not here is because of so many options we could choose while we have only one for dress. Even though there was a lot of hate for her AO outfit, i liked it it wasn’t ground breaking at the same time not as bad some people claim it to be. I did not like the white version of the dress. Another positive thing for me this year is that we saw Ana in separates something I wanted to see for a long time. Solid A performance from Adidas this year could’ve been A+ but still a very solid year

  4. Sru, I also preferred the zebra dress to the separates. I find the USO dress just as good as the USO separates, that entire collection is spectacular. I don’t mind the dress not giving the option of mixing and matching.

  5. No I think it’s just as good but I was mentioning the reason why this collection made top my kerbers list but not Ana’s While this dress is very good Zebra print is definitely my favorite

  6. Adidas truly have done some good job this year. Hopefully they will continue like this and let us see the best outfits on Kerber. Otherwise it’s a waste.

  7. Claire, IMO, all Adidas’ designs are more or less equally stunning and many players wear them, so no outfits are going to waste, which is not the case will other brands.

  8. I really just hope that they’ll have a special dress again for Ana. If she wins a slam (which is a long shot), maybe she’ll get the day and night versions again like she used to have before.

  9. @ Emman Damian: Oh dear! :))) How optimistic! “A long shot” is an understatement. I don’t understand those special “Ana” dresses at all (especially as they never seem made entirely for Ana), but most likely, IMO, she is going to end her fading career this year.


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