Adidas’ dazzle camouflage collection for Roland Garros 2016: In motion even when it is still

Ana Ivanovic Y-3 Roland Garros 2016
Ana Ivanovic will rock the dazzle camouflage print at the 2016 French Open

Two weeks ago I gave you a preliminary preview of Adidas‘ second groundbreaking cooperation with Y-3 for Roland Garros. Now I am happy to tell you that the company sent me a press release and promotional images for the collection’s official global launch which is today, April 2nd. Among others, Ana Ivanovic, Angelique Kerber and Simona Halep will sport these one-of-a-kind clothes (available at Tennis Warehouse US and Tennis Warehouse Europe), as well as ball boys and girls.

Ana Ivanovic on-court outfit Roland Garros by Y-3
Ana Ivanovic’s Adidas Y-3 look for Roland Garros 2016

Unofficially we started calling this eye-catching collection a “zebra” collection, while the story behind the print is that it draws inspiration from dazzle camouflage, a “family of ship camouflage used extensively in World War I and to a lesser extent in World War II and afterwards”, as Wikipedia states. What’s unique about the stripes in motion motif is that it evokes a sense of movement, even when a player is standing still between points.

Angelique Kerber Y-3 Roland Garros 2016
Angelique Kerber dressed in her new clothes, showing the new Adidas Y-3 shoe for the French Open

The tennis attire is not only visually striking, but performance-driven as well, best suiting confident players who seek performance, boldness and aesthetics in one powerful mix. The items have been developed in close cooperation with top WTA athletes, from concept to on-court testing, which played a key role in perfecting the clothes and footwear.

Adizero Y-3 claycourt shoe
Adizero Y-3 claycourt shoe

The tops allow smooth serving and smashing, while the new Y-3 shoes deliver resilience and energy return for hard-fought rallies. A flowing midsole that incorporates Adidas’ Bounce technology complements the new herringbone outsole profile for ultimate traction. The breathability of the upper mesh further adds to the feeling of comfort and the promise of performance.

Simona Halep’s Adidas Y-3 kit for Roland Garros 2016

The collection includes:

  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 On Court Dress
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Tank
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Event T-Shirt
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 J’adore T-Shirt
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 3/4 Sleeve Top
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Skirt
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Leggings
  • Adidas Adizero Y-3 2016 Shoes
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Visor
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Hat
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Headtie
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Wristbands
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Bag



  1. Kerber obviously not the model type compared to Ana. Looks like “Hi this is my shoes. Isn’t it beautiful?” compared to Ana’s “Wanna be like me?”.

    But at least her game is better than Ana. Hahaha..

  2. @ Kueyseyra: I don’t agree at all! Kerber looks confident. And no, I don’t wanna be like Ana, she just looks artificial and uncomfortable. But YES, Kerber plays a lot better :).

  3. Like the “zebra” print. Didn’t Serena sport a leopard print dress at the US Open a few years back? At the ANA Inspiration LPGA event this past weekend (one of the ladies 5 majors), Michelle Wie was sporting high top leopard print golf shoes. It didn’t help her much as Lyds Ko won her second straight major.

  4. I like! Reminds me of something Venus would design – quite a tribal, jungle vibe. Visually this will look fab on the clay regardless of who wears it.

  5. Kueyseyra, Claire, Ana is definitely more marketable, but I agree with Claire that Kerber looks confident and nice.

  6. I like it better as tank top plus skirt combination than the dress. Have you noticed this new trend of Adidas sponsoring the kit for ball kids? Very effective way of advertising their new apparel me thinks.

  7. Karunya, my dressing ball boys and girls they ensure that their clothes are always on the courts. Definitely a good move by Adidas!

  8. Dominic Thiem and Tomas Berdych will be sporting the zebra look for the guys at Roland Garros. Perhaps the lines people will be wearing them as well as the ball kids. At Acapulco, Mexico the lines women were wearing the Adizero line outfits.


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