Maria Sharapova’s Nike dress planned for French Open 2016

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Maria Sharapova French Open 2016 Nike dress

While we’re still waiting for the epilogue of Maria Sharapova‘s meldonium (doping?) case, the 2016 French Open is rapidly approaching and the word is out that this Nike Summer Premier Maria Dress has been prepared for the Russian’s campaign in Paris.

The five-time Grand Slam champion apparently still has her own Nike line, as the Nike Summer Premier Maria Top and the Nike Summer Premier Maria Skirt have been released, even though following her failed drug test the company was quick to suspend their $70 million contract signed in 2010. Later on, however, Nike’s global brand head, Trevor Edwards, did hint that Sharapova could be forgiven for her mistake.

The first hearing regarding Sharapova’s meldonium case will take place tomorrow in London, so the situation will slowly start to unravel, but it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll see Masha in this dress as early as the claycourt Grand Slam.



  1. Please, stop calling this obvious long-time doping case a mistake. I really do not understand why the usual rules shouldn’t apply to Maria Sharapova.

  2. I like this dress much more than Serena’s dress… But again, dark colors?
    I know that navy will look fabulous on clay, but, still…

    I guess Sharapova won’t be allowed to play RG, so who will wear this outfit instead of her? Safarova? Schmiedlova? Or maybe Genie Bouchard? Or will Nike skip this dress? (They did both before, right?)

  3. I really think Maria case is a mistake and wrong-doing but what makes it different is that Maria admitted it and did not deny it….. People keep saying about honesty, truth and the decency of owning your mistake… Now that we have one example of it, people just keep bashing her as harsh as if she denied it….. In the end, I think it goes without saying that successful and strong people are those who just believe in themselves and learn from their own mistakes without the need from other’s approval…..

  4. If Maria will not play R.G….who will wear this dress? Bouchard? Keys? I like this dress.I prefer this than serena’s dress…i love dark blue

  5. Neat and beautiful but nothing spectacular. Not worthy for Maria’s tennis closet. She deserves way better. Even with the controversy now..

  6. Maria admitted to her “mistake” after she was busted but before it was reveled publicly. That press conference was a masterful act of damage control most likely thought up by a roomful of lawyers at IMG.

  7. I agree with sabey. That well orchestrated press conference was probably a mistake in a way. M Sh was probably advised by her lawyers to “admit the mistake to click on a link” since this people would understand, and some people are indeed fooled by this “honesty”. They thought that admitting to taking the drug for 10 yrs (which probably would become public anyway) would make it look better, especially when doubtful medical reasons were claimed, but they did not count on the obvious reactions to a healthy athlete taking a PED.

  8. So I guess there is no such thing called correct response, huh?

    Well then I would say, congrats to her for able to hide this thing for almost 10 years… Congrats for her to find such a great little pill that able to make her achieving all those titles and those money…..

    Now, I believe she is enjoying all of it somewhere and we are,in the end, just a bunch of people still trying to make our hard earned money while searching on the internet another story to bash off……

  9. Congrats to her for losing all that hard earned respect. Congrats to her for putting all her achievements under question and congrats to her for giving women’s tennis one more thing to look bad over.
    Yeah, let’s get on with our sad little lives and never , ever, question the actions of the rich and powerful. Congrats to you for being so wise!

  10. What we have here folks is the “norm”. Humans bashing everyone and anything they can to make themselves feel good. They become, judges, gods and know it all’s. Makes their ho-hum life seem good! To bad we are a nation of lost souls who want to justify and ruin another person. Just a lack of respect and integrity, I guess. Like we would never make a mistake. Etc…Etc…
    I am not so perfect however and I will be a loyal human being and look after others with respect and love. Help them when they are down, walk in their shoes, do not judge, especially without truly knowing all the facts or reasons.
    Take care, folks, the world is a “brutal” place.

    PS…Maria would look beautiful and play great tennis in any outfit she would choose. That helps in the “bashing”, I am sure. Have a wonderful, happy day.

  11. Dear Mary, this is neither about being perfect, nor bashing or ruining anyone. Surely Maria has enough money to spend the rest of her life in luxury without doing anything at all. And of course the rest of us make mistakes all the time – but the vast majority of us don’t spend our time on front pages. You can’t have it all, you see. You can’t have all the glory and be some kind of a role model while cheating. It is not fair to her more decent colleagues either, and there is absolutely NO reason for treating Maria Sh differently than other dopers. Maybe it’s naive but I still like the idea of sport being clean.

  12. Well said, Claire! You are very wise. No doubt Maria Sharapova is guilty as charged of doping. She can’t help but admit it, because it’s true; the evidence is all there. Besides, to take the drug for 10 long years with no related medical condition speaks volumes. The manufacturer of the drug even stated it’s not for prolonged use. And, for her to be living in a country the drug is not legal or available in, that being America, she knew what she was doing all along. Having a drug shipped from Russia to her in America is enough to raise eyebrows. Why is there an article about what Maria Sharadopa will be wearing at the French Open anyway? Boy, talk about Maria can do no wrong! No way she should have her slick, superficial, deceptive self on that red clay this year! She’ll have a ban of some sort, though I doubt a serious one. A little slap on the wrist perhaps??? Favoritism has been shown to her for several years now. She’s the most overrated female tennis player ever. I’m hoping and praying she’ll retire and move back to her precious native land. Those involved in getting the drug from Russia to her should be investigated and punished as well.

  13. I agree that Sharapova should be punished for her guilt…..but for how long….. we will see…in my opinion, it will be between 4 months to a year….

    I dont think she deserves to be questioned in regards with her timeline… People tend to take it different ways, some think she took it continuously for more than 10 years while some others think she took it initially 10 years ago but does not necessarily mean she took it on a routine basis ever since…. So, I think it is unfair for people trying to wrong her from all possible angles with this story…..

    She is guilty for taking meldonium, which was banned this year, not because she takes it continuously….. and that is the case.

  14. Dear Claire,

    I am just saying that in America we are innocent until proven guilty. That is not up to us. The ITT will have that burden. NO one knows the facts…the real facts. NO one was there when she took the medicine that was OK for years and now not. She should not be punished for what she did before January 2016. YES…she should be after that and she knows that,(because I heard her say it). I don’t listen to or care what other say. She should NOT be persecuted or run into the ground. We don’t know that there could be others who took this medicine OR worse but did not get tested.
    I am saying…the norm is “Real Deal”. That’s bashing…that is not necessary. There is a lot of it.
    Don’t be so naïve. People are brutal. I stand by my comments AND…I STAND BY MARIA.
    sorry RD, your all entitled to your opinions and I doubt Maria cares or even knows. I am entitled to mine.

  15. I love the dress, maybe a dash of swarovski crystals on the skirt or the chest part of the dress would make this dress from great to fab!!

  16. “I doubt Maria cares or even knows…” Yeah, right, Mary, you are entitled to your opinion and so are all others commenting on this issue. I guarantee you, Maria Sharapova does care what others are saying and thinking about her scandal, that’s exactly why she and her team strategized her press conference right away. She failed the Australian Open drug test, and obviously the other players were tested just as she was. Yes, others failed their test and were busted too; others meaning the Russian athletes who’ve been using the drug for many years now and for obvious reasons; they, too, received their warnings. No, Claire isn’t the naïve one, but you may possibly be. You have access to the internet, so please do your research on this matter, the drug and its manufacturer. In the meantime, please continue to support precious Maria Sharapova. I’m sure she knows about your support and greatly appreciates it. And, yes, sometimes the truth can actually hurt; such is life.

  17. YES…I see now…both of you are Serena (America) lovers. So you must have issues with not only Maria’s talent and beauty but her nationality. To bad…such small potatoes. I am hardly naïve about the matter. I am just not a basher. You won’t see me bash Serena. IT’s not worth my time…her story is already being written…I do recall seeing something on the internet about dear Ms. Serena, hiding in her safe room from the bad dope tester one morning, this was on the police report when they called to rescue her from the wolf. Now, I am not one to believe everything I read. Like others on this blog. I do like to hear it from the horses mouth so one can only imagine what really happened but hey….”just saying”.
    I do believe RD and Sabey are just a bit butt hurt about Maria and her power. Thanks for the vote of fanship for Maria. Hey, somebody has to love her…me and about one million others. Oh! WELL, such is life. It’s been fun chatting….luck to your and your gal…you need it! Maria will be just fine.
    Check it out on the internet, seems to be your source of knowledge. OH and quit bashing.

  18. Say Mary, like you said, “It’s not worth my time.” I’m just keeping it REAL, not bashing at all. Again, Sabey and Claire, you are both very wise, impartial, and not naïve at all. Thanks for stating facts and not a simple-minded, biased opinion. Congrats to Kuznetsova and the great Angie Kerber on their recent wins at the Miami Open. “Go, K&K!”

  19. Hey RD…
    Guess that’s why you call yourself the REAL DEAL!! That’s cool. Stay Real…
    Hope Kuznetsova has some gas left in the tank. Kerber and Vika are hunting
    for sure. I am not really a simple minded, biased person. Guess I just got
    tired of everyone judging Maria. She is person too…regardless. I no one thing
    no one is perfect! “REAL” maybe…but not perfect!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy the finals…

  20. Mary, what exactly are you defending? Doping, the use of PEDs overall? Or just Maria’s? Based on what, her looks??? You ca’t be serious, that’s totally irrelevant. You seem to have fallen in love with Maria which is not the case with the rest of us. I can admit I never liked her tactical screaming but I saw her as a talented tennis player and a fighter, and I respected her. Now, all the respect is gone, and apart from surprise (since I really didn’t expect this), I feel a huge disappointment because of the damage she has done to women’s tennis. But all this has already been said, by sabey, the RD and others, as well as the fact that it always takes some time before a drug gets banned since it is under the radar at first, and later, tests to detect the use have to be developed – not meaning that the drug is “approved” until “suddenly” being banned.

  21. Claire,

    I am not defending anything! Who am I to do that? I am just a 68 year old woman who happens to be a great fan of Maria. I am saying NO one, except the people involved in this situation, knows all of the facts.
    People are just taking all of the hearsay information and just assuming they factual. They are not Maria fans. They are taking the information at hand and applying it to their dislike of Maria….because of her success, her accomplishments, her abilities, her business sense, etc…etc… When “anyone” of fame/fortune, makes any kind of mistake they are “tarred and feathered”! There are all kinds of athletes who do all kinds of things to stay on top. We never know a lot of it and personally, I am OK with that. At this point I just enjoy the sports and players. I get more upset when one of them beats their wife, kills someone, acts like they are gods, gets DUI’s, rapes, you know all of that sort of thing. There are many forms of cheating. I personally, don’t think Maria took that in the mass form it needs to be taken to do any good for her (strength wise), I mean it’s not like she is “buff” or anything. The inventor said that the drug does not do what some say it will…I think he is more knowledgeable of that information than me so I believe him. I just feel like there are many of the tennis players who do “cheat” sometime or another to win. I feel like it is part of the sport. It is what it is. I can’t change it. I have lived long enough to know that we all make bad decisions…and it is how we handle them and get up and recover from them that matters. People like Maria have it harder because they are in the spot light and they are being dissected. Thankfully, I am not so exposed!!! Like and example, my grandson came out gay a few years ago…it was totally against everything we think is right…I still LOVE him anyways.
    I just kind of like to “live and let live” and support the ones I love and try to not be perfect and don’t expect anyone else to be. WE all have our moments in life. I guess that is what life is all about.
    I am fine to wait and see what this whole thing is all about. I am not sure what she is being accused of. She failed 1 drug test…does that make her a criminal and wipe out everything? The drug was legal for the entire time she took it…which we really don’t know how often that was. It was illegal for 1 month of the time she took it. So how much did she take illegally?? It’s just all crazy and media fueled and the haters are camping out on it. However, I will still like Maria…and YES! I wouldn’t mind looking like her… However, I am lucky and I have a 9 yr old granddaughter who does. She is tall, blonde, green eyes and a very good tennis player. She loves Maria too… I respect your feelings about Maria. WE all can’t agree on the same thing…how boring that would be. As long as humans are involved…nothing will be perfect. Let’s just say, I do hope your favorite star doesn’t get exposed. Not to say it couldn’t happen. Anything is possible. Anyone can fall…


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