Serena Williams’ Nike dress for French Open 2016


Nike‘s summer collection has already been released at Tennis Warehouse Europe and this is the dress ready for Serena Williams‘ appearance at the 2016 French Open.

Nike Court Premier Dress

Don’t let the simple short sleeves and basic colors fool you, as the elements of extraordinary are brought to this Nike Summer Premier SS Dress by the lovely extended pleats reserved for the back section, both stylish and functional mesh panel at mid-back and contrasting ribbed trim at the neckline and sleeve cuffs.

Serena Williams dress French Open 2016

I love these designs that embrace tradition as a base, giving it subtle twists to make it look fashion-forward. Simplicity never goes out of style and just a clever use of certain details, such as pleats, mesh and little contrasts in this case, makes a world of difference.

I prefer the light photo blue version of the dress, but black is also nice. I’m looking forward to seeing Serena in it! What about you?

UPDATE: More info has been released about Nike’s collection for Roland Garros, including Madison Keys’ look.



  1. Hmm, i thought it was gonna be Maria’s dress since this dress has similar design to Maria’s premier summer top for this year…

  2. Ian, this is not official information yet, but this should be Serena’s dress, while I will soon show you what was supposed to be Maria’s dress.

  3. Maria has a dress? I thought she was banned and that Nike was no longer working with her. I guess they think she will be back by then?

  4. Finally, a more “age” related version of a tennis dress. Now, if she would act her age and stop
    breaking rackets. Even my 9 yr old granddaughter, who is already in the advanced Jr. Development
    stated, that it is not a good example for her to do that.


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