Ana Ivanovic’s dress for French Open 2016: Adidas again goes Y-3


Ana Ivanovic's Y-3 Adidas dress for Roland Garros 2016 - promo photo

The 2016 French Open starts on May 16th and the WTA outfit releases for the tournament are kicking into top gear now. After showing you Marion Bartoli’s Fila limited-edition collection for her home Grand Slam, six days ago I presented lilac, fresh yellow and glacial clothes Stella McCartney prepared for Caroline Wozniacki, Garbine Muguruza and other representatives of Adidas’ Barricade line, while now I will show you what Ana Ivanovic and Simona Halep will sport at the biggest claycourt event, and you can expect a lot more Roland Garros fashion stories in the coming days.

Ana Ivanovic's Y-3 Adidas dress for Roland Garros 2016Ana Ivanovic's Y-3 Adidas dress for Roland Garros 2016 - back

As you can see, the first big news is that Adidas is again going for Yohji Yamamoto’s Y-3 line, to the delight of us all! Just like last year at Roland Garros, there will be one pretty much solid black dress and one printed design (in 2015 the print was floral, while now it’s black and white, at first glance resembling a zebra).

Ana Ivanovic's Y-3 Adidas dress for Roland Garros 2016 - print front Ana Ivanovic's Y-3 Adidas dress for Roland Garros 2016 - print back

The clothes were first shown at Adidas’ Japanese website, while now they’re available both at Tennis Warehouse and Tennis Warehouse Europe.

Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 tank 2016Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 tank 2016 - back

The designer combined classic black and white in his unique way to once again create memorable clothes, while the touch of red (or orange, as it looks in some pics), provides a perfect pop of color. The shirts feature black faux suspenders, nicely breaking up the “zebra” print.

Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 skort 2016
Roland Garros Y-3 skirt

Simona Halep will probably wear the above tank and skirt. The skirt looks like something Stella McCartney would create, but the tank is totally Yohjiesque.

Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 long sleeve 2016
Roland Garros Y-3 3/4 T-shirt

UPDATE: Adidas has published a press release and I wrote about the collection in more detail in my post Adidas’ dazzle camouflage collection for Roland Garros 2016: In motion even when it is still. Moreover, now I can show you all the items that the collection includes:

  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 On Court Dress
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Tank
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Event T-Shirt
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 J’adore T-Shirt
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 3/4 Sleeve Top
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Skirt
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Leggings
  • Adidas Adizero Y-3 2016 Shoes
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Visor
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Hat
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Headtie
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Wristbands
  • Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 Bag



  1. Adidas have a problem with their front stars and should find a replacement for Ana Ivanovic as well since her play isn’t good enough. Pity these pretty clothes won’t be seen so much.

  2. Yes, you’re right Claire, but I still don’t agree with you. Even while they are having bad results, Ana, Caro etc still get more attention from the media than other young girl. So I can understand the decision from Adidas to keep them.

  3. I like the dresses intended for Ana. I would love to see her in the solid black dress. It’s really chic! About the zebra print, it looks innovative and would definitely create a noise in the court.

  4. I really like the black dress. I think the zebra one is nice too, but I agree that it is too busy for the tennis court – too much colour contrast – and I think it will distract from the play. Also I am not sure Ana is really the zebra type.

  5. I love the zebra print so much and that slight touch of red is just the cherry on top of delicious cake 😉

  6. When I saw zebra dress for first time I said “how horrible”. But now I think that it’s absolutely amazing. Good job, Yohji Yamamoto.

  7. Seems like we already have the winner for RG’s fashion style. Hopefully Ana and whoever wear this dress gives justice by moving to later round of the tournament. I pray to you God…

  8. Have been watching Roland Garros today. Ivanovic in the dress, Kerber in the shirt and skirt and Thiem in the menswear. May look nice on the pictures but they all look awful on court. The suspenders idea, and the cut is not flattering orl sporty at all. Adidas really got it wrong this time.

  9. Save The Zebras / Save Innocent Tennis players ? Save Innocent Tennis Viewers !!

    Keep Zebras in a natural habitat, far away from tennis courts and any TV lens.

    Have Mercy Upon Nature & All Thiings Not Style Dizzy!


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