It’s official: Ana Ivanovic’s new dress is from Y-3 collection for the French Open


I few days ago I showed you a sneak peek at Ana Ivanovic‘s new floral dress and we started speculating whether the Adidas Adizero line has taken a completely different course. Now we have official information, straight from Adidas: at the 2015 French Open, Ivanovic will debut items from Yohji Yamamoto’s collection, together with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and ball boys and girls.

Ana_Ivanovic - Y-3 collectionAna Ivanovic - RGY3_CC_Adizero_Y3_Clay_W_B23227

The Adidas Roland Garros Collection by Y-3 represents the first collaboration between two Adidas brands, combining Y-3’s bold aesthetic with the breakthrough advances of Adidas performance technology. The clothes are beautifully merging Yohji Yamamoto’s signature stark black-and-white look with the Hawaiian floral prints that reference Y-3’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

‘Y’ stands for renowned Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, the ‘3′ represents Adidas three signature stripes and the ‘-‘ signifies the bond between the two. The line has pushed the boundaries of fashion and sport since 2002, with its avant-garde aesthetic and forward-thinking designs meeting athleticism.

RGY3_Product_Y3_women_SQR RGY3_Womens_Visor_S90270

Accessories such as socks, wristbands and tiebands are included in the new range, while the Y-3 Tempaia III shoes reinterpret the brand’s ultra-light Adizero concept, designed to maximize clay court use.

I have always praised Adidas and this surprising move is making me love the brand even more! The Y-3 tennis collection has a luxurious feel and I love the black combined with touches of Hawaiian flowers. The shoes are bomb, while I’m still not a huge fan of the white dress with floral color-blocks. What do you say about this Roland Garros switch?

The collection is available globally on,, Adidas Sport Performance stores, Y-3 stores, Tennis Warehouse US and Tennis Warehouse Europe.


  1. Saudin, I can already feel that this will be my favorite outfit of the 2015 French Open 🙂 Let’s see how others will compete against Y-3.

  2. I love the black dress but the floral is really nice too. Very impressive but not surprising given it’s addidas and Yoji Yamamoto! They are also more affordable than typical Y3 pieces.

  3. The dress is refreshing and innovative. But my favourite is the jacket!! So glam and sophisticated. Better than Sharapova’s famous white Wimbledon jacket.

  4. Sorry to disappoint you but I find the floral dress extremely ugly. The black one is OK but nothing special. But the knee-long football socks – Adidas, are you serious???? So obvious that Ivanovic is featuring their B-line.

  5. I kind of like the compression socks..a la Mattek Sands. Wonder if any other adidas wearers will style in this. Perhaps Halep or Muguruza?

  6. I usually prefer to wait until I see an outfit in motion before I comment BUT Yohji Yamamoto is one of my all-time favourite designers and having that brand involved with Adidas is looking like pure magic! With Stella McCartney already a fixture, it really looks like Adidas has taken the “fashion” crown away from Nike.

  7. Ana is totally gonna rock that dress 😀 I hope she stays really long in the tournament so that we can get enough of it
    especially that jacket wow that was a great touch. I am not sure about those socks though I didn’t like it when she wore similar socks during FO 2007

  8. I love it! This is something new for adidas and I know it will make headlines in Roland Garros. I love the simplicity and cutting edge design of the new Y-3 kit. I have to agree, I really love the shoes! The high socks on Ana is something new. As we can see in the ad, she can pull it off, what more on an actual match?

  9. No, no, no. I’m sorry to say, but as much as I usually like adidas outfits, this one is totally a no-go. Well, the jacket has a very interesting desing and I actually like the shoes (adidas truly had some great shoes’ ideas recently), but the rest of it… First of all, I hate all black clothes on tennis court. C’mon people, it’s a game, not a funeral! And I’m not much into this floral desing either. I usually buy adidas outfits from RG (ok, I’m a bit of mix between fashion victim, a total tennis freak and a local “patriote”, what can I say…) Looks like this year I’ll be switching to Stella for the first time ever 😀 Ok, I’ll probably buy the shoes, it will work very well with a classical black clothes with pink stripes adidas’ outfits… On the other hand after a few minutes on clay you won’t see the shoes’ floral print anymore… 😉
    Btw, why there is no adizero collection for RG this year? Please tell me it’s a one time thing!

  10. Maggie, Adizero’s RG collection are the clothes currently worn by Adizero players, but the pink and green version instead of the current purple and orange. It’s a fabulous collection, it’s just that Ana won’t wear it at RG. That’s at least what I expect.

  11. I actually love the fact that they have black dresses in the last 2-3 collections. It may not be all summery but as someone who has to take a bus to go play on the tennis courts, I prefer to wear darker colours as after more than an hour playing in the sun, the sweat patches are so visible with the light colours and I prefer not to attract any comments on the return journey. Personally for me, I think those socks are the best compression socks I’ve seen so would be great for running. The shoes and jacket are a winner but I’m not so keen on the white dress, I’ll probably opt for the top and a contrasting colour skirt.

  12. Ivie, I agree. Black makes the outfit sophisticated, while the flowers add just enough touch of spring and summer.


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