UPDATED: Adizero joins the floral camp! Ivanovic shows new Adidas dress for spring 2015!


Ana Ivanovic new Adizero for spring 2015

Ana Ivanovic has revealed a short behind-the-scenes video from her Adidas photoshoot for spring 2015 and we got a big surprise – Adidas’ Adizero line had always been classic with a modern twist, basically print-free, except for some accents, and now they’ve joined the floral club, resembling last year’s Lotto designs and the busy patterns of EleVen. Moreover, I can notice that the mid-section color block has similar shape to the one in Stella McCartney’s new collection for Adidas, to be worn by Caroline Wozniacki.

This floral dress is quite a shock for me! I love Lotto’s and EleVen’s flowers, but I appreciated Adidas Adizero for always bringing the edge with simplicity and sporty designs, while now they have turned from athletic to a romantic aesthetic and joined the trend of prints. I’ll probably need time for this change to grow on me. So far, Adidas Adizero has been the line with least misses and I hope that this collection will prove to be a hit as well.

Thank you, Saudin, for letting me know about Ana’s video just 15 minutes after it was posted on her Facebook page! For some reason, they deleted it shortly afterwards.

We’ll surely have more detailed updates on the new Adidas clothes soon. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: It turns out that the dress is not from the Adizero line, but part of the Adidas Roland Garros Collection by Y-3. A surprising twist!


  1. I agree…. it doesn’t strike me as an adizero design at all! Nothing new and innovative, we have seen the floral print a few times before… Not to mention how horrible the print actually is… I hope this is just some photoshoot and that she won’t actually be wearing this…

  2. Wow, I’m shocked! It looks more like the adidas originals line, so maybe it’s a collaboration with them? Or Ana is just wearing a non-tennis dress of theirs for the photoshoot?

    Shock aside, I can’t wait to see it! It might be a dress made specifically for her at the French open. It looks more like a Stella design than the one shown for Caroline

  3. We’ll see, guys. It’s strange that they removed the sneak peek video shortly after posting it. It does look like a Stella design, not only because of the color block (which I actually hate, as it looks like a load of paint dripping), but also because flowers are something that had never been associated with Adizero, while Stella often uses them. But Stella’s new collection is yellow and white, this is definitely not Stella. Yeah, it could be just Ana Ivanovic’s RG dress.

  4. Liz, have a look at my previous comment. It’s actually neither Adizero nor Stella. It’s part of Y-3 collection.

  5. Florals can look very frumpy if not done right. Y3 is by Yoji Yamamoto whose look is pretty cutting edge (usually). I would wait until I saw a better picture to say what I thought of it.

  6. Sabey, I agree. I wouldn’t give my final verdict yet. I loved some Y-3 designs and this one could turn out to be super cool as well. Although I don’t think I’ll get to like that white front color block!

  7. I hate the flower print. If it had nice flowers…….. but the coloring seems old fashioned…
    I guess Adidas should stick withe the nice distinction between Adizero and Stella…. 🙂

  8. Hmm, the dress in that promo pic also looks completely different from the one she’s wearing. It looks cool in the promo pic, and anyways, Ana can pull anything off, so it’s cool she’s trying some “high-fashion” looks

    Is this y-3 collaboration going to be a longtime deal? Ana won’t be with adizero, but them instead? And this collection will exist alongside all the other lines?

  9. The floral dress is just for a photoshoot for Vogue’s shape issue…. Yes, it seemes she won’t be wearing adizero anymore and move onto Y-3 ….. she’ll be wearing the black dress Maria posted in the comment….

  10. Wow. Well that’s probably some kind of relief…. I don’t know Y-3, but I agree with your statement about the color block. But I still want to see it in more detail to give my final verdict too…

  11. no no no I don’t think she is switching lines .This is from Adidas french open line.like every year she and tsonga will be wearing this line at french open

  12. I actually first saw Ana wearing a floral print in a photoshoot for Vogue’s Shape issue. She was wearing a pants-tank top combo which is actually looks perfect on her. Regarding this dress with white color block, I don’t really like it in the tennis court. It may look good for other occassions but tennis wise, I don’t think it will work on the clay courts of Roland Garros. I saw the promotional pic on the RG dress for Ana, I am not giving my final verdict yet until I see it in the court. I’m still optimistic though for that kit. I think it will work.

    PS: it’s the first time I saw Ana in high socks. It’s a bit weird but when I saw the picture, it can be really sporty. Let’s just wait and see!

  13. Liz, we have to give it more time, and Ana may even wear a different outfit from the collection.

    Ga, I doubt that she’s leaving Adizero, this is probably just for RG. And yes, this collection exists alongside all the other lines. I don’t know if Adizero will release something new. They have the red version of Ana’s current purple dress, had Ana opted for them, maybe she would’ve worn that dress at RG. We’ll have to wait and see. But I like the refreshing and unexpected switch. And about the shorts, it’s very similar to the shorts Caro wore in New Haven and Montreal last year: https://womenstennisblog.com/2014/12/17/wozniacki-stella-retrospection/

    Saudin, I doubt she’s leaving Adizero for good. I do prefer the black version of the dress, just with floral accents.

    Emman Damian, I would quite surprised to see Ana in high socks on the court. Although it would be interesting.

    Sru, I think so as well.

  14. Let’s see if she can pull off the high socks. I think she will definitely wear the promo dress for RG. I think she’ll wear the red version of her current kit in the clay court swing.

  15. Emman Damian, you’re probably right. As for the knee-high socks, I’m welcoming the change and I think she’ll pull it off.


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