Agnieszka Radwanska’s year with Lotto: Dramatic mesh, ruffles, busy prints


Agnieszka Radwanska‘s fashion in recent years has been fluctuating between extremes, being either on the plain side or producing jaw-dropping reactions. In 2016 that spectrum was not as wide as last season, when the Pole’s lace and metallic outfits left us in shock, but Lotto has continued to play with busy prints, whilst maintaining periods of relief with pretty much unnoticeable outfits. Let’s see all the dresses Aga sported in 2016, as part of my annual Fashion Retrospections.


At the start of the season, Radwanska wore the Lotto Spring Nixia Dress, whose number one feature is its bold mesh on the back, while other characteristics include wide neck and drop-waist skirt.


Radwanska wore this pink dress during her title run in Shenzhen and later at the Australian Open.


In Indian Wells and Miami, Radwanska sported the Lotto Spring Diamond Dress, featuring metallic-like sheen and tiered ruffles.


At the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, Aga got back to her January’s pink dress, before going for a busy blue floral print in Madrid, Birmingham and Eastbourne.


The Lotto Spring Twice Dress comes with a separate bra, but the best feature of this item is its reversibility.


If you don’t feel like attracting attention with the colorful pattern, you can switch to the navy side of the dress.


Perforated fabric and girly ruffles of the Lotto Lacy Dress made Aga the most feminine player at Roland Garros. Her shoes of choice for the biggest claycourt tournament were Lotto Stratospheres.


At Wimbledon, the world No.3 Radwanska wore the white Lotto Nixia Dress, featuring the giant mesh panel on the back for stylish ventilation, and the Lotto Stratosphere W footwear.

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In Montreal, Cincinnati and New Haven, Aga presented the pink fluo version of the space dye print we had seen in Indian Wells and Miami.


The dress with layered ruffles at skirt is called the Lotto Eclipse Dress.

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Radwanska’s short appearance at the 2016 Rio Olympics was accompanied by her Wimbledon dress.


The US Open is the best tournament for tennis fashion risks and experiments, so I was disappointed to see the 27-year-old Radwanska in the Lotto Fall Nixia Dress that was practically the same as her Australian Open dress. Even the difference in color is marginal when you look from afar and not to mention that the rose neon color is similar to Aga’s Roland Garros dress.


For her title defense at the WTA Finals in Singapore, Radwanska chose the reversible Lotto Fall Twice Dress, offering a predominantly white and predominantly black option.


I would have preferred had Radwanska worn this printed dress at the US Open, as the item was already available at the time. This type of fashion is perfect for NYC, while the subdued orange design would have worked just fine in Singapore.


What’s your take on Agnieszka Radwanska’s 2016 fashion? Do you prefer her solid dresses or busy prints? Are you a fan of reversible tennis clothing items?



  1. I don’t think any of them are too good. Blah designs and blah prints and they could only be worn well by someone who didn’t need much of a bra.

  2. Roberto, my favorite is the RG dress, while my second favorite would be the reversible floral print dress, which I would probably more often wear on the navy side. I’m not a huge fan of that dramatic mesh back.

    CLT, I think Lotto did a better job last year, at least with the wow effect. I agree this year was pretty much mediocre.

  3. I am greatly disappointed with lotto’s outfits for grand slams this year. That Aus open dress was horrible!! While I don’t mind the mesh back, ( it kinda gives me chained armor vibe) I absolutely hated the wide neck/ straps. They look so unflattering and as if some weird wardrobe malfunction is waiting to happen. And the fact that she has to wear sports bra completely spoils whatever the look they were going for. there should have be an inbuilt support for dresses like these . And that color, don’t even get me started makes me nauseous. IW, miami dress and madrid dress are fine with me I can actually see people wearing them as summer dress and the fact that it can be converted into another dress is pretty cool. Design wise I think RG dress is their best but we have seen shades of that same color so many times from lotto, it makes us brush it aside as their regular dress until we look closely. I was so disappointed to see aga not wear that printed dress for uso. The fact there is option to be used as a night dress as well as day dress makes it worst. And the logic behind making her same dress for 3 slams and same color at 3 slams is beyond me. i hope they bring in new colors designs for next year and not miss great opportunities at slams (last year too they misused lace dresses for indian wells and madrid instead of Aus open or french open)

  4. Sru, I agree with everything you said. I’m glad you agree that overall the RG dress was the best, but I also agree that the color which Lotto forced throughout the year made it look like all the other dresses before closer inspection.

    I also didn’t like that sports bra that peeked through the large mesh back of Lotto’s dresses, as it spoiled the fluidity of the back. I know she had to wear a bra, but that type of back demands a braless look I think. They should’ve made a different back for a tennis dress.

  5. I don’t know how much influence the players actually have on the design. All these outfits look a bit trashy to me, but then Radwanska seems to like trashy, judging from the (more or less) private outfits she is seen in. As for the sports bra, I agree that it can spoil a look but mind that some players actually prefer to wear a separate sports bra instead of inbuilt support during play since they feel more comfortable in it. If so, Lotto should have adapted the design according to her demands, and a different back would have been preferable.

  6. Though its a good Italian brand, I own self do not feel much comfort with Lotto’s dress. But it looks good & suits her well.

  7. I’m not a big fan of ruffles and very busy prints, and so if I was going to wear any of these dresses it would probably be the navy inside of the Lotto Spring Twice Dress. I do like the idea of a reversible dress though, and would like to see more in the future.


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