All the WTA fashion trends at the Australian Open: Crop tops, hightop shoes, sunny colors

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Grand Slams are the most exciting tennis tournaments, offering all the best the sport has to offer, including top tennis fashion. Let’s see the styles women’s tennis players have been rocking this fortnight at the Australian Open, as part of my traditional Grand Slam fashion overviews

Serena Williams - 2016 Australian Open -D3M_54849-2

Last year in Melbourne, world number one Serena Williams stole the show with her bold yellow tunic highlighted by stunning open back, while this year the American showed up for her title defense in another memorable yellow outfit: the Nike Spring Premier Crop Top, featuring open hole mesh at back and rounded side vents, and the Nike Spring Premier Victory Skirt, whose all-around pleats bring flirty movement to the courts.

Hightop shoes are gaining momentum in women’s tennis fashion and Serena opted for these Nike Flare BHM Black/Yellow ones, even though Nike’s promo pics ahead of the tournament suggested that the queen would wear solid yellow footwear.

Maria Sharapova - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_7275-2

Maria Sharapova‘s orange Nike Spring Premier Maria Dress features a sporty, yet feminine skirt with bonded no-sew bottom hem, and a classic athletic top with contrast obsidian navy binding and white mesh insets at underarms and racerback that are both a stylish and functional touch. For a closer look at the dress, read my pre-tournament unveiling of the item.

Victoria Azarenka - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_9464-2

Victoria Azarenka‘s look is unique in many ways. While most players opted for some of the sunrise colors (yellow, orange, red, pink), the two-time Australian Open champion stands out with spring leaf green. Moreover, the fact that she wears shorts, the Nike Spring Ace Shorts, ensure that the bottom of her outfit is standing still throughout her matches. The Belarusian’s Nike Spring Premier Slam Tank looks young and modern with its ombre stripes, while the green headband and hightop shoes with green details perfectly finish the sporty look.

Eugenie Bouchard - 2016 Australian Open -D3M_56731-2

The story of Eugenie Bouchard‘s Nike Spring Premier Slam Dress is a bit more complicated. The ultra lightweight item sure is a superb fit for the Aussie summer and its design positively reminds me of comfortable beach tunics, but Nike advertised the skirt’s cut to provide excellent coverage with its dropped back (as I presented it in my pre-tournament post about the dress), while in reality it turned out that the skirt is way too short and we were constantly exposed to the Canadian’s white shorts.

Ana Ivanovic - 2016 Australian Open -D3M_53791-2

Ana Ivanovic sported the red Adidas Spring Adizero Dress characterized by a mesh overlay featuring a geometric print that is actually spelling out the word “tennis”. Some people love the dress, some call it the tablecloth dress. I wasn’t impressed at first and now that I’ve seen it so many times, I’ve grown to like it more, especially the idea of the overlay.

Angelique Kerber - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_0710-2

Angelique Kerber, Simona Halep and many other WTA players picked the Adidas Adizero separates. I love the back design of the Adidas Spring Adizero Tank, as well as the shock green color, and it nicely matches the shock red Adidas Spring Adizero Skirt.

Caroline Wozniacki - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_4794-2

Stella McCartney has nailed it at this Australian Open. Caroline Wozniacki‘s Adidas Spring Stella McCartney Tour Dress is everything a fashionable and feminine tennis player can ask for: the Climacool technology ensures moisture management, the mesh panels at the neckline, racerback and sides are both functional and stylish, while the white lines enhance the design and bring out the best in female figure. Shoes that the Dane sported: Adidas Stella Barricade Boost.

Garbine Muguruza - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_9232-2

Garbine Muguruza‘s separates from the same collection, which I presented in detail prior to the tournament, are for those who prefer more vibrant clothes, with the lively tones of red, orange and yellow.

Venus Williams - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_5796-2

A lot has been talked about EleVen‘s Brushstroke collection and even though Venus Williams lost already in the first round of the Australian Open, her EleVen Brushstrokes NYC Inspire Dress cannot be easily forgotten. V-neck, refreshing print and striping below chest make this dress a simple, yet fashionable and unique tennis fashion choice.

Agnieszka Radwanska - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_8343-2

Agnieszka Radwanska is a lady in pink at the 2016 Australian Open, working Lotto‘s Spring Nixia Dress that includes a wide neck, bold mesh back and drop-waist skirt. You can see the dramatic use of mesh better in my overview of the dress published before the event.

Andreea Mitu - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_6334-2

A number of Lotto’s representatives, including Andreea Mitu, Kristyna Pliskova and Varvara Lepchenko opted for this floral outfit and I have to admit that I’m not sure which collection it is from. If you have more info about it, please tell me in the comments, as I know that the style has received many compliments from tennis fans.

Jelena Jankovic - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_5937-2

Jelena Jankovic was in the brightest of all yellows at Melbourne Park this year, blending with tennis balls in her new Fila dress. The company promoted the black dress with the print that echoes flying tennis balls as JJ’s fashion choice for the Australian Open, but it turned out that the Serb went for the screaming yellow look and a different cut of the dress.

I preferred the cut of the black dress, but yellow is definitely a better color for the Australian sun. Even though some people argued that companies use the vibrant shade of yellow to distract opponents, as the color blends with tennis balls, it apparently didn’t help Jankovic much, as she lost in the second round already.

Monica Puig - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_8409-2

Monica Puig‘s Ellesse dress has a neutral base and just enough pop of orange make the item an excellent choice for Australia. The matching headband makes the complete look extra youthful and sporty.

Daria Gavrilova - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_3876-2

Daria Gavrilova fought for her new country of Australia in berry Asics Spring Athlete Tank with triangle-shaped racerback and white Asics Spring Athlete Skirt with a wrap at front hem.

Dominika Cibulkova - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_4348-2

Lacoste‘s Dominika Cibulkova has finally sidelined her navy dresses, introducing this white piece that features a touch of yellow in front zipper and keyhole cutout at back. Alize Cornet promoted a bright yellow tank and a blue pleated skirt, similar to her last year’s bottoms.

Barbora Strycova - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_5970-2

Representing Sergio Tacchini, Barbora Strycova has set up a fourth-round encounter with Victoria Azarenka in a black and yellow outfit with dotted skirt hem and a black bra peeking through the top’s back.

Svetlana Kuznetsova - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_4724-2

Svetlana Kuznetsova‘s Qiaodan look included light pink and blue, incorporated in a pretty much unflattering design quite typical of the Chinese brand.

Mona Barthel - 2016 Australian Open -DSC_5528-2

Denise Cronwall‘s player Mona Barthel wore the loose Jewel Layer Top and its matching skirt, while Sofibella‘s Kateryna Bondarneko sported the Essence Athletic Cami in seaglass with black side stripes and its coordinating layered skirt.

Belinda Bencic - 2016 Australian Open -D3M_5517-2 Sloane Stephens

Belinda Bencic made the tournament’s fourth round in these black and pink Yonex separates, while Sloane Stephens lost in the first round in the stunning Under Armour dress that she had won Auckland in earlier this January.

Heather Watson tank

Last but not least, New Balance‘s Heather Watson, just like many players, opted for juicy orange, her outfit consisting of the New Balance Spring Tournament Tank with Y-back, a white skirt with mesh trim at hem, and orange New Balance 996v2 low-profile shoes.

Serena Williams - 2016 Australian Open -D3M_4927-2

I think I couldn’t have done a more extensive WTA fashion overview, as I included practically all tennis apparel brands. So now that you’ve seen it all, what do you say, whose Australian Open outfit takes the No.1 position?

I give my vote to Serena Williams! I love the introduction of a crop top, while this one is nicely executed with large mesh inset at back and the black binding. I also love the skirt that it is paired with, as I am a fan of all-around pleated bottoms. Moreover, the vibrant yellow is a great choice for the Australian Open. When it comes to footwear, I like it that Serena opted for black shoes to add some contrast, rather than the yellow ones that had been announced originally.

I want to hear your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I love Serena’s outfit, more so as she’s the only one who could pull an outfit like this off.

    My favourite is Maria’s though, very elegant, just like her. Should be a dress to remember.

  2. I applaud Serena for having the courage to go for the edgiest outfit. I did love Sloane’s dress and it was too bad we didn’t see more of it. I also liked Vania Kings dress.

  3. I agree with you on the vote for Serena’s outfit. No other female tennis player’s body could make that outfit look that good like Serena’s, and the navel ring put the icing on the cake. I thought Kuznetsova looked very dainty and lady-like, for a change. She’s trimmed down quite a bit and looks fantastic. It was disappointing and shocking to see her suddenly lose, as she’s been playing some of her best tennis these days. Sloane’s outfit looked great on her tall, toned body; it was cute.

  4. I really like the Stella McCartney Adidas separates. When I saw Chinese player Wang Qiang wear the outfit in the first round of AO, I thought the color combo of red/pink tank and pink/orange was stunning. However, the pink/orange skirt is not available for retail sale, according to Tennis Warehouse. There’s a matching red/pink skirt available or gray. Boo…

  5. Yep, the GOAT reigns! She made mince meat out of Maria Sharapova yet again. Have you ever seen the Fame television episode called “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better?” Yep, that’s indicative of MS. WILLIAMS. WTA=Williams Tennis Association. Looks like Maria’s camp’s scouting did no good whatsoever. And, Chris Evert, you too can take several seats. You need to stop now with comparing Maria to Serena. Nope, they have nothing in common…no similar backgrounds, no similar nothing. Both of you, bye (Chrissie and Maria)! “Go, Serena, go!”

  6. Great roundup!

    I think everyone looks great, from all brands! Even Kuznetzsova’s skirt looks pretty, although it doesn’t seem to match her personality.

    My only gripes would be with Bouchard’s dress which should be a tank, the hem was boring, and the adidas on Kerber; it doesn’t match well at all, and I don’t find the pattern very pleasing either.

    Serena, Strycova, Sharapova, Wozniacki, Cornet, Mitu, and the Fila separates were great! I found it hard to pick a favorite from those

  7. Serena’s outfit is certainly flattering to her and she pulls it off like no-one else could, as someone said, but I find the colour too full on. I like Maria’s dress, the Adidas tablecloth top on Angelique (but not the dress on Ana – too much tablecloth!), the Stella Macartneys, Sloane’s dress, the Asics gear and the Denise Cronwell (always a bit different and more feminine which is nice). I didn’t mind the Nike gear initially but with every second person wearing it, it was overload almost immediately, and Eugenie’s version looks like she forgot to put on her skirt. Don’t like JJ’s dress (colour too full on and weird neckline), Barbora’s (hideous) or Sveta’s (hideous as always). And the Yonex and New Balance stuff is just blah.

  8. I really like that Lotto dress on Aga. Her dresses always suit her perfectly, which is something I can’t say about many players.
    Serena’s kit has grown on me; only Serena could get away with it!

  9. Serena- loved the top, made her look like a cute bumble bee, like the pleats on the skirt but not a fan of see-through material
    Maria- lovely, especially the color
    Vika- really like the sea foam green and I love that she’s one of the only players to wear shorts
    Genie- I’m sorry but that’s not a dress, it’s a tunic, she should’ve worn it with leggings
    Ana & Angie- didn’t like the pattern or color match for either
    Caroline- looked good in this soft pink, for once mccartney stayed away from those horrid ruffles and choose a nice silhouette for her
    Garbiñe- liked the top but the skirt’s color clashed
    Venus- I liked both the colors and the cut/style of this dress, especially the shoulders.
    Aga- not a huge fan of neon pink so having the entire dress this color was a bit much, maybe if the mesh wear a different color like black it would work. I did like the black floral pattern of the other lotto dresses
    JJ- same as aga, too much of one neon color
    Monica- love this orange color on her
    Gavrilova- very beautiful deep purple on her
    Domi & Alize- same old boring from lacoste
    Strycova- okay design, could’ve worked better as a dress, or instead have worn a different color skirt
    Kuzy- not crazy about the colors but good work on the form. she usually wears baggy clothes but this top is nicely form fitting and I like the placement of her skirt, on her hips instead of her waist
    Barthel- pretty interesting corset colors and design, I wish there were more pics/angles
    Bonderenko- simple colors but the form suits her, almost a late 90s/early 00s throwback
    Bencic- nice colors, but almost too simple a design for a grand slam
    Sloane- like the color on her but think the skirt is up too high
    Heather- love the top color but again, not a fan of see through skirts, although its not all see through.

  10. No one can look good on Serena’s outfit, specially her. She’s a clown. When she’s gonna realize that her body is horrible? Maria’s dress was ok, but I think Nike is starting to stole ideas from Stella McCartney, that piece is really Stella. I don’t like Caroline’s dress, perhaps, it doesn’t look better on her. Stella’s separates were good. The Adizero line was a mess. Vika and Eugenie were fine, but my favorite dress was Lacoste’s one. Very simply, but I love the fact that the put Dominika a yellow sport bra underneath it. That really makes the difference!

  11. Brenda,
    You may not like her outfit. You may even think it’s clownish. But, there is really no need to personally insult the greatest women’s tennis player of all time by calling her a clown. A clown? No. A force to be reckoned with? Yes. This article is about the outfits at the Aussie Open. It’s not a place for haters to make personal attacks on anyone.
    I thought Serena’s outfit was unique and flattering for her powerful body type; like most others who posted her, I loved it. I also loved Angelique’s outfit; others wore the same kit but none wore it as well.

  12. I love Ana Ivanovic’s dress as well as Angie’s separates. Serena’s crop top is absolutely a fashion hit for AO. Dasha’s kit also looks nice. Very sporty yet sophisticated.

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