Crop top! Woohooo! Serena Williams’ outfit for the 2016 Australian Open

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Serena Williams Nike 2016 Australian Open outfit 2

Sloane Stephens amazed me with her last year’s US Open dress that brought a crop top back to tennis fashion and then I said how tennis apparel companies should embrace that style. Guess what — Nike created a crop top outfit for Serena WilliamsAustralian Open 2016 campaign! They must be reading my articles at the WTA website! 🙂

Serena Williams Nike 2016 Australian Open outfit

The world number one’s Melbourne look includes the NikeCourt Premier Crop Top with ventilating mesh panels and the pleated NikeCourt Victory Premier Skirt totally covered in perforations. The top is available in yellow only, while the skirt also exists in white and obsidian.

Nike Court Premier Top and Skirt - Serena Williams Australian Open 2016

The entire look will be yellow, as Serena will wear these matching Nike Flare Shoes, intended for players with aggressive movement.

nike flare tennis shoes

Are you also excited that crop tops are paving their way in women’s tennis fashion? I love this look on Serena and yellow has always been one of my favorite colors for the Australian Open. Personally, I would never wear everything yellow, but it is totally suitable for a Grand Slam stage and the Australian sun.



  1. Hey! Thanks for the post! Do you know what will Vika wear for the Aussie? I hope she comes back to dress and leaves that ugly shorts

  2. Nike stepping up their game. have you seen genie’s nike dress so hot and beautiful.

    while adidas going backwards with crappiest outfits in long time

  3. @tennislovers hate those shorts as well. leave them to practice session. bring back tennis dress for vika please

  4. Constantly amazed that players are allowed to wear kit that is the same colour as the balls. It’s an obvious attempt to distract an opponent, even for a split second. Someone catching a flash of yellow when trying to see the ball could make a difference.

  5. Wow, I love it, It has been awhile since I saw Serena in a separate outfit at a grandslam. When was the last time she had separates? 2005 US OPEN?

  6. Tennislovers, I still haven’t come across Vika’s look. I saw what Genie will wear and I will write about it on WTB as well.

    Red, yes, I’ve seen it and I will review it today or tomorrow.

    Gvl, but why don’t they always make bright yellow outfits then?

    Ian, I started reviewing Serena’s yearly outfits in 2008, as part of my fashion retrospections ( and I don’t remember she ever wore separates at a Grand Slam. No, she didn’t for sure. This new combo is really groundbreaking.

  7. She wore ‘separates’ at the 2002 US Open (Pink top, black skirt, one or two matches), 2004 French Open, 2004 US Open, 2005 Australian Open, 2005 US Open (One or two matches) and at the 2007 AO (One match)

  8. So this is what she meant by a very cute outfit! Well it’s certainly refreshing however I think Nike could have made the print a bit more interesting seeing it is the first grand slam of the year!!

  9. SeVen, thanks for the input. You have really good memory!

    Roberto, I like it like this without a print, because the items are textured and the color is so eye-catching that the print would make it too loud.

  10. I am really into Nike’s looks so far. I like the Serena, Maria and Eugenie are all rather different. I think this is a great departure from the similarity of looks in 2015. Plus, I really think these looks will look awesome on consumes! What a great way for Nike to start the Grand Slam year. Thanks for the awesome posts, Marija.

  11. Nike has a very simple solid color dress on their site. Maybe this is Vika’s? I may be alone on this but I love Vika in shorts. It really suits her personality and she looks great in them.

  12. Brian, I agree with you. All the looks are so different and all our really nice in their own way. Thank you for reading my blog and for commenting! 🙂

    Sabey, I still have no information about Vika. I’m so sorry. Nike passed on promoting her style this year.

  13. Not only is the outfit the same colour as the ball, which I feel is unfair on the other player, but it is the ugliest thing I’ve seen in years. Serena ‘s outfit is truly horrible. It does nothing for her and distract s from her tennis. Whoever her stylist is needs to get the sack.

  14. I think Serena looked like SpongeBob. And it cut her off and made her look chunky. She certainly needs Nike to get her a better designer. Serena also getting a little too old to wear this outfit. So glad she lost.


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