Victoria Azarenka’s tank and shorts for the 2016 Australian Open

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A lot of you asked me about Victoria Azarenka‘s outfit for the upcoming Australian Open, as for some reason Nike has been promoting only those of Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Eugenie Bouchard. At a Vika fan page on Instagram (BTW, make sure to follow Women’s Tennis Blog on Instagram), I have now come across information that this tank and shorts will be the Belarusian’s style of choice in Melbourne.

Victoria Azarenka - Australian Open 2016 outfit

The spring leaf (green) version of the Nike Spring Premier Slam Tank, with ombre stripes just like in Bouchard’s Nike Spring Premier Slam Dress, and the white Nike Spring Ace Shorts, also available in black and light crimson, is what the two-time Australian Open champion will wear during her 2016 campaign Down Under.

What do you say? I see a lot of you are looking forward to seeing Vika in skirts again, while many tennis fans are still rooting for shorts. I really like this look, although it can hardly turn out to be my favorite outfit of the Australian Open, as I prefer more glammed-up looks at Grand Slams.



  1. I love Vika in shorts! I like that this year Nike has so many different looks (within a theme) that suits the different personalities.

  2. I personally like the shorts on Vika , too. I know a lot of people wish she would wear something more feminine, but that’s not her. In 60’s-70’s America we would have called her a tomboy. Marija, any other players sporting the shorts? BTW, methinks Vika will win the AO this year.

  3. Jim, I’m not sure :/

    Cruz Lane, Vika’s outfit is the only one that I have not received official information on, but these separates are what one of her fan pages posted on Instagram. We’ll see. I think she will wear this. The kids day is not a reference. Caro also didn’t wear her AO dress at the kids day.

  4. But the skirt was white and looked in line with the top why would she wear it of all times a chilled out kids day but we’ll see soon

  5. Hi there,
    I’ve been trying to find out what shoes Azarenka is sporting during the Australian Open. There may be a few she’s worn but I’m particularly interested in the white pair of Nikes, I think it was in round 2, does anyone know?

  6. Annabelle, the ones with green details? I also haven’t seen them at retail, although Nike is advertizing these yellow Flare ones as Azarenka’s AO shoes: [link expired]


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