Nike dress: Maria Sharapova goes orange & sporty for the 2016 Australian Open



Maria Sharapova is changing her style for the 2016 Australian Open. Last year the Russian’s tops were dominated by thin racerbacks or spaghetti straps, while this season her first dress of the year features very athletic mesh racerback design, with contrast bonded zipper for easy on and off.

The world number five Sharapova has absolutely departed from her glamorous past and is embracing classic sporty designs. I am welcoming the change, absolutely! It is a refreshment! Still, I miss the super elegant Maria, with Tiffany earrings and sparkly dresses suitable for no other venue than Grand Slam arenas.

Sharapova AO dress

The skirt of this new Australian Open dress, officially called the NikeCourt Maria Premier, has inverted pleats, while besides strategically located perforated panels, the item ensures breathability with Dri-FIT fabric which takes sweat away from the skin.

Do you like Maria’s transition to purely sporty cuts?



  1. As you say, classic sporty. Rather OK, nothing special but at least not ugly, as is the terrible Adizero dress…

  2. Claire, from Maria’s perspective it is special, as I don’t remember her wearing a similar design recently. It will look really good on her.

    Emman Damian, yes, orange is great for the Australian Open. Yellow and blue are my favorite colors for the AO, but orange can make the list as well.

    Jim, as I said to Claire, I think it will look refreshing on Maria and I also can’t wait to see it on her. Look, now I added this promo pic where we can see how the dress fits. Stunning, IMO!

  3. I wish she wore more daring outfits like her ballerina 2006 RG dress, or her 2007 US Open night dress with swarovski crystals! This is too sporty for Maria! #slightdissapointment

  4. Ian, you’re like me. I don’t find this dress disappointing at all, but for Maria I definitely prefer super glam.

  5. I really like this dress! But I do agree with you. I wish she’d wear more like she wore at Wimbledon in 2008, I loved that tuxedo and short combo. Frankly I love everything she wore in 2008, especially her Amelia Island and Charleston outfit.


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