Sharapova’s most glamorous Nike outfits ever


Recently I posted about Maria Sharapova‘s tunic dress for the upcoming French Open and the discussion in the comments about how the Russian and Nike have significantly glammed down and simplified her on-court style in the recent years inspired me to make a collage of my favorite Masha’s tennis clothes, from the days she was extravagant and super glamorous.

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Sharapova’s Wimbledon 2008 tuxedo + shorts outfit is my absolute favorite of all time. When I think of a perfect Grand Slam look, I always remember this classy menswear-like ensemble, which Sharapova pulled off perfectly and established herself as an ultimate style icon. Can you dress any better for the elite Wimbledon? I know that some people categorize this look in fashion misses, but for me this is as good as one can get in merging edge and class in Grand Slam tennis fashion. Do you agree?

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My second all-time favorite Sharapova outfits are her two dresses for the 2007 US Open. Can a women’s tennis champion look more glamorous and sexy than this? These two Nike pieces featured chest adornments inspired by New York skyline and the fire red and beautiful cutouts make this the best US Open night dress, while the less extravagant white option for day matches is also an absolute hit. The draping earrings, stunning black jacket with see-through sleeves and shiny black bag complete the look and make it absolutely unforgettable. When I think of a jaw-dropping women’s outfit for the US Open, I always think of this dress first.

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Maria Sharapova lifted the 2006 US Open trophy in this little black dress which is so classy, glamorous and again perfect for the occasion. It is shoulder-to-shoulder with the red and white Nike dresses for the 2007 US Open.

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The sparkly collar, the little bow belt giving structure to the dress and accentuating the attractive slid in the back, the way it fits her body and the cute black bow accessory in her hair make this the best black Grand Slam WTA look ever.

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At the 2007 Sony Ericsson Championships (now called the WTA Championships), Sharapova successfully experimented with retro, bringing the edge with conservative designs (sounds contradictory, but Masha shows one can merge the two!). Weariing a grandma burgundy blouse and a high-waisted pale pink skirt, Sharapova highlighted the end of the season with a daring choice of a highly retro style.

Before turning to more commercial and wearable looks, Sharapova was all about glamour – whether she was playing with menswear, sexy dresses one could wear to a club, or retro designs, the fashionista was always taking our breaths away with her fresh and carefully planned outfits.


  1. Love, love, love that 2006 US Open dress too Marija. I love classic black, and the thoughtfulness of the dress and the structure is just perfect for Maria. It’s like an LBD for tennis.

  2. Phaura Reinz, yes just as I said, it’s the best LBD for tennis.

    Lesa, the 2008 RG dress was nice, but in my opinion not as glamorous as the 2006 US Open dress.

    Nobody put the Wimbledon outfit in their top spot?

  3. Brenda, interesting, I don’t remember it as exceptional, although it is nice. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  4. Love Maria’s pale pink outfit v perinkova at French open 2014. How do I order as can’t find it on nike website


  5. Her 2010 australian open outfit was possibly the most extraordinary thing tennis fashion has ever seen! The Blue drapy shimmery fabric was incredible.

  6. Ian, that one also could’ve made my selection, but the dresses I included here are the ones that stick in my head as the most memorable.


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