Sharapova’s Roland Garros outfit for 2014 – tunic + biker shorts


Sharapova - Roland Garros 2014 tunic dress

Maria Sharapova reintroduced the trend of biker shorts at the Australian Open and it is apparently going to be her fashion direction for the months to come. For the upcoming Roland Garros, in collaboration with Nike, the Russian created the outfit consisting of a long dusty pink tunic with orange bust color-block and orange shorts. Its official name is: Nike Women’s Summer Maria Premier French Tunic.

I can’t remember the last time I was impressed by Sharapova’s tennis outfit (while her off-court clothes have been more stunning than ever!) and she’s made another commercial and safe choice. It’s not that the design or anything is bad, it’s just that I see Sharapova in over-the-top and glamorous kits and this is more simple and sporty. However, I love the choice of colors for red clay! What’s your opinion?

More Roland Garros 2014 fashion info: Jelena Jankovic will work cheerleader Fila style, Ana Ivanovic will wear a navy Adidas dress with statement back, while Serena Williams will work an asymmetrical hem. (photo via The Slice)


  1. I don’t actually get this new ”tunic plus biker shorts” concept by Nike, and especially ’cause it showed no difference at the AO (it just looked like a regular dress to me). Anyway, really nothing special, but at least the colors will look great on clay. All in all, I’m also quite unimpressed by Nike designs for the 2-3 years, I mean it doesn’t have to be all glamour and glitter, but for example Adidas outfits are much more interesting and still really sporty.

  2. I don’t like the colors personally but I guess once I see on the court maybe I’ll change my opinion.

  3. Mirjana, I absolutely agree with you. The fact that it is a tunic isn’t that noticeable and shorts, even the printed AO version, weren’t popping the look. I mean, it looked like a regular bland dress. Definitely, the designs of several years ago were “real” Sharapova, IMO, and Adidas is executing the versatile sporty simplicity much much better, with much more innovation and interesting details.

  4. when you talk adidas are you talking about adidas mccartney line or their regular line? Cause I find mccartney rather annoying but their regular line that Ana wore fun and interesting.

  5. All Nike tennis clothing has been safe and commercial lately. This is odd because their running gear is better than ever.

  6. Sabey, you’re totally right – Nike’s running gear is getting more and more interesting (and actually all their “fit” gear – the ballet kind like dance/gym shoes are fantastic!), but their tennis gear is mostly boring. I’m not a big fan of Sharapova’s clotes (it’s almost all the time the same, their just changing colors…). On the other hand I liked what Lucie Safarova wore in Miami. I liked Serena’s three shades of green dress from last year (or was it two year ago?) but never actually saw it in their store 😉
    Adidas Performance outfits (whatever adizero or barricade) are usually much more interesting – altought I was disappointed in their all black outfit for Miami. I don’t like black tennis outfits, it’s a game and fun, not a funeral…
    But their RG 2014 are looking really interesting (and I love the shoes that goes with the outfit 🙂 ).
    Even Stella’s getting better in my opinion – I never liked her clothes much, but her last yellow outfit was fun (made me thinking of sun and flowers 😀 ) and the pale green version wasn’t bad either.

  7. And truth to be told, I’m not very conviced about the choice of colors for Masha dress, I think it will blend in with the surface color, so it will be difficult to watch, especially on TV.

  8. Sabey, excellent observation! I LOVE their printed leggings and bra tops, I can’t decide which print was more amazing in the past months.

    Maggie, I’m also not for very simple black outfits, like Wozniacki’s Miami one (although in her case it is better than Stella), but I’m positive that Masha’s dress will look awesome on clay, as those colors that blend look the best on clay, better than the contrasting ones.

  9. In my opinion this outfit is so poor so nonsense… I can’t understand why Nike make this if Maria!

  10. I am incline to think that Maria Sharapova might have much greater say on the design and considering how Maria is ritualistic I don’t think she would be incline to change if she like how something fit her on the court.

  11. In my opinion, Masha should have something better.
    Adidas wins now – regular line and Stella McCartney are wonderful this year.

  12. Can’t believe Maria will be sticking with the tunic for Roland Garros. Although the RG defending finalist definitely wore a modified version of the tunic look in Australia. At the AO, Maria’s tunic looked like more of a dress.

  13. The best colours , but the worst dress !!

    Stop playing safe !! Looking at your previous roland garros’ dresses, why would you go with this style ??


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