Adidas makes it official – this is Ana Ivanovic’s dress for French Open 2014


Ana Ivanovic in Adidas dress for French Open 2014

Already in the beginning of February we got information that this would be Ana Ivanovic’s dress for the 2014 French Open. By posting this promotional image Adidas has now made it official, plus, we’re learning that the Grand Slam champion will probably wear the blue version of the dress and not the yellow one. The dress is already available at Tennis Warehouse.

The choice of color is perfect if we consider how well dark blue/navy matches red clay, but it’s not that good if we consider that it greatly resembles her last year’s Roland Garros dress. Still, I love it! Adidas hasn’t failed in a long time. Don’t you agree?

Ana Ivanovic Adidas dress for French Open 2014 Ana Ivanovic Adidas dress for French Open 2014 - back

Here’s a reminder of how the yellow piece looks.


  1. are you sure its the same dress? i mean, i think it is, but look at the neckline, its different, i think anyway. the light blue part of the dress in the promo picture isn’t the same as the yellow dress…or am i going crazy?


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