Nike goes for asymmetrical hem for Serena Williams’ French Open title defense dress


Serena Williams' Nike dress for French Open 2014 Serena Williams' Nike dress for Roland Garros 2014

World No.1 Serena Williams will probably wear the Nike Women’s Summer Novelty Knit Dress at the upcoming French Open. The top is very similar to the American’s usual style (a scoop neck and belt accentuating the waist), but the uneven skirt is quite a novelty, although it can be compared to the champion’s last year’s very short US Open dress (compare here). At first glance I hate the shape of the hem, but maybe it will grow on me when I see it in action. What’s your opinion?


New Nike tanks

The collection also features fashionable tanks in many different colors, to be combined with a solid-colored skirt.

The dress and the tanks are already available at Tennis Warehouse.

As for the French Open clothing of other WTA players, we know that JJ will look like a cheerleader in Fila (I can actually easily imagine her being a cheerleader!), Ana Ivanovic will wear a light yellow Adidas dress with highlights in the back, while Maria Sharapova continues the tunic trend with Nike. (source: The Slice)


  1. I actually like the dark one and it will probably look good on Serena but the bright one is hideous…

  2. Tenniz-fan, you’re right, the navy dress has a chance, especially because the color is always a great match for clay.

  3. Compared to last year’s dress, this is a down grade… I feel that this year’s SO dress was horrible… Best for me is both dresses at the 2012 US open.. And the dark one might work here, even though yellow looks good on Rena

  4. Why are the dresses designed for Serena Williams so very short? An individual her size needs more coverage. If her dresses were two inches longer they would be more attractive. The dress designed for the US Open last year was too short and the material was too lightweight. This is why it kept blowing up above her waist. I noted that Vika’s shirt never had this problem. Serena’s dress for the French open last year and this year is too short. Not only that, the underpants (shorts) are much briefer than usual. Her buttock area needs to be completely covered to be attractive. I like the design of this year’s dress and the colors are nice. My complaint is with the length of the dress.
    If the dress is shorter that the matching jacket, the length of the dress is too short.


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