Nike creates the Li Na collection for Chinese market


Two-time Grand Slam champion Li Na, one of the most liked WTA players and icon of Asian tennis, now a mother of daughter Alisa and son Sapajou, is honored with her own Nike line, to be launched on March 1 on and in select China stores.

Inspired by Li’s confidence, passionate spirit and trailblazing determination, Nike designed the first-ever exclusive line for a Chinese woman.

The collection comprises pieces drawn from Nike’s rich women’s training and sportswear styles, aiming to extend Li’s inspiration to all fields of play.

World No.30 Zhang Shuai, the highest ranked Chinese women’s tennis player, promotes the collection, together with footballer Zhao Lina, swimmer Stephanie Au and models Bonnie Chen and Liya Wang.

Li’s quote that Nike picked for this campaign states:

I’ve always been stubborn and disobedient, I’ve never followed the rules. Fortunately, this nature is now appreciated.

It’s great to see Li keeping herself active with sports fashion and also seeing the dream resurrection of Zhang branching into another off-court venture!


  1. Looks like things are changing in China. Li’s collection appears to appeal to workout clothing as well as tennis. Thanks Marija, you are always the first to reveal the news, whether it is the birth of a player’s child, or if it is the release of a clothing line or the break up with a partner. BTW once you find some pics of Li’s son Sapajou, please get them on this site, as it will be the first place I check.
    And watch I will be the only one to comment on this thread! 😉

  2. Jim, I had you in mind while writing this article! 🙂 Of course, I will share the pic of baby Sapajou as soon as I come across it.

  3. Li Na is one of the Asian tennis icons and one of the best tennis players. I wish she had a chance to be number 1. She was so close at no. 2. I love the clothes in this collection. You can see the versatility. It’s not just for work-out or tennis, you can still use it in any other physical activities. What a great tribute to Li Na!


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