Li Na delivers a boy named Sapajou



In mid-May Li Na announced that she was pregnant with her second child and now I’m happy to learn that the baby has arrived. It’s a boy, named Sapajou!

Li’s daughter Alisa, born in June 2015, now has a brother! Little Sapajou came to this world on November 27th, but it’s only now that the news has reached us.

How awesome would it be if Victoria Azarenka’s newborn son and Li’s Sapajou teamed up for men’s doubles some day! 🙂

Congratulations to the two-time Grand Slam champion and her husband of eleven years Jiang Shan!


  1. Belated congratulations to Li Na and Jiang Shan. Now Alisa has a brother to look after her and protect her (or to bother her to no end!) Thanks Marija for digging this the Chinese are difficult to get news out!


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