Ana and Basti call Chicago their first real home together


Ana Ivanovic‘s husband Bastian Schweinsteiger left Manchester United and became a midfielder for MLS club Chicago Fire, so the power couple is now calling Chicago their home. Just how comfortable they already are in their first official hometown together is evidenced in the fact that Bastian scored a goal in his debut match for his new team, just days after moving to the USA, while Ana is already enjoying the city, being glad to finally settle in one place after years of traveling the globe.

In a recent interview for German magazine Gala, Ivanovic said:

We are excited about coming to Chicago, this will be our first home. I traveled a lot because of tennis and now I want to settle a bit. It doesn’t matter where I live, the only important thing is that I’m surrounded by the people I love. My career was long and strenuous, now I have some time for myself, for private life, and of course I want to have children.

Dressed smartly, Ana and Bastian went house-hunting on Thursday, accompanied by their parents. Of course, money is not an issue, as Bastian’s one-year contract is worth around $4.5 million.

In the above-mentioned interview I translated from Serbian newspaper Kurir, Ivanovic also revealed having hardships learning German:

I’m having a hard time learning the language, I understand more than I can speak. The grammar is difficult and there are a lot of complicated words.

Mrs. Schweinsteiger is making the most out of her life after tennis!



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