Ana Ivanovic takes beauty to another level in new Shiseido commercial


Ana Ivanovic delighted her fans with a beautiful new commercial for Shiseido, a personal care brand she started promoting two years ago, in particular their Wetforce sun protection line. Exercising by the ocean, Ivanovic says: “The coastline is my studio, the landscape is my equipment.”

Social media posts tend to get all sorts of reactions, ranging from supportive to insulting ones, but Ivanovic’s modeling in the nature attracted only positive comments, as people are once again amazed by her beauty and consider her husband Bastian Schweinsteiger the luckiest man.


  1. She is always an effective model. Don’t you agree? It’s very rare I hear negative comments about her. Apart from her professionalism, her natural beauty radiates from the inside. She’s one of the nicest and most genuine person on the tour. I really look forward for more off court happenings from her. She’s really my role model.

  2. Emman Damian, Ana is very nice and I’m glad that people are so supportive of her, even in social media comments. Some players have faced dreadful reactions and bullying.

  3. Well, not all of us are devoted fans, but that doesn’t make us haters. It’s more like, “Another model-wannabe, making ads for another make up brand I never buy – yawn!”, not worth commenting on. It’s possible that she is a nice person but I don’t know her personally (do you?), but the fact that a lot of people regard her as looking good doesn’t automatically make her one. Her extreme fistpumping whenever her opponent made a mistake, or her long medical tíme outs when the game didn’t go her way were not appreciated by everyone, as I remember…

  4. Ana has always been one of the more attractive players. I still find compatriot JJ better in most regards. However Ana’s hubby play for Chicago Fire an MLS squad in the states. I route for Minnesota United FC, a rival club in the states. Therefore I can hate her husband but like Ana because I was a fan before she married. That may not make any sense, but I encourage players to continue doing work like this. I know some may say it exploits her looks, but isn’t that part of what made her famous to begin with.


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