Jelena Jankovic wants to retire, mother forces her to play


Only two months ago I wrote an article “Is it time for Jelena Jankovic to retire?” and if Serbian media are telling the truth, the former world No.1 indeed wants to end her tennis career, but her mother doesn’t agree with that choice.

Even though she still loves to fight and play tennis, Jankovic’s body is letting her down, which has resulted in her loss of self-esteem and motivation. Because of the fact that she can’t play at the desired level, after giving it a lot of thought, Jankovic realized that it would be best for her to retire, but her mother has other plans, which is further stressing the 32-year-old out. With her 2017 win-loss record being 9/18, the Serbian WTA star would like to call it quits even this fall, shifting her attention to private life and finding the right guy with whom she could start a family.

However, being greatly attached to her mother, JJ is torn between her instincts and her family’s desires and is currently going through a difficult period. Even though she retired from her last match at the Citi Open, citing a low back injury, Jankovic is already in New York, where her first-round US Open match against Petra Kvitova is first on Louis Armstrong Stadium on Monday at 11 a.m. local time.

JJ is my favorite character on the WTA tour and I hate to see her suffer. I’d love her to play for many more years, but if she feels that her body is saying “no”, she should listen to her gut and confront her mother. Part of being a grown-up is taking responsibility for your own choices and doing what you think you should do, even if your loved ones disagree. In the long run, her mother will accept her decision and respect her for being brave enough to live her own life.


  1. I agree with JJ on this one, If the body is saying no more. Than I believe its time to call it a career and what a career it’s been. Sadly no slam title, but many other accomplishments to her name. I believe she will talk to her mom about this and this will be her last months on the tour. 🙁 I always enjoyed watching JJ play. Over the last few months I have become to like the Monica Puig from Puerto Rico. Her run down in Rio to win Gold was very impressive. I hope JJ will choose the right choice and retire. Like you said, her loved ones will come around in the end. I volunteer to be the right guy for JJ. 🙂

  2. Let JJ retire in peace, enjoy the accomplishments of her career, and enjoy a personal life with someone she loves

  3. Mother forces her to play? Huh? Isn’t Jelena a grown woman? She should be making her own decision as to what to do with her tennis career. I think it’s time for her to give it up, honestly. Perhaps settle down, get married and have some kids to continue her legacy. A good mother would support her daughter’s best interest(s).


  4. Thanks for deleting that filthy, disrespectful comment from the pervert. Hope he goes away for good! You got that Johnno, whoever you are?


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