Keys dispatches Vandweghe to move into US Open final


Madison Keys beat Coco Vandeweghe to make her first Grand Slam final where she’ll face fellow first-time major finalist Sloane Stephens, who had defeated Venus Williams in the first Thursday’s semi.

En route to recording her third victory over Vandeweghe in the 2017 US Open Series, the 15th-seeded Keys never faced a break point and absolutely dominated in all areas of the game, including a +16 winners-to-unforced-errors differential compared to Vandeweghe’s -13. Final score: 6-1 6-2.

By reaching the title match, Keys is projected to rise from No.16 to No.12 in the WTA rankings, while the US Open title would propel her to No.9.



  1. She served an ace for her match point. She played really well. I think it will be a fun match between Madison and Sloane. Either of the two deserves it. Both comeback queens!

  2. This is a match up of good offense (Madison) versus good defense (Sloane). I will be glued to the match. I will give the slight edge to Keys in 3 sets. Can’t wait! Ole` Ole` Ole` Ole` DELPO DELPOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is not relevant to the subject but needs to be said. Not to Discount women’s tennis because I’ve always been a big fan from as far back as I can remember watching Chrissie Evert and Martina Navratilova in fact even Billie Jean King but there needs to be a difference in prize money. Simple math gives you at a minimum men will play 18 sets compared to at a minimum for women 12 sets for a single Grand Slam event yet they’re paid the same money. How is that when if you and I both go and work a job and the man Works 40 hours but the woman Works 35 for the same job and they get paid the same hourly rate. It’s not fair and it should be that since men put out more effort then they should be compensated more. Otherwise have women pay the best-of-five just like men and then pay can be equal. If women played the best-of-five then certainly there would be an uproar because they would be too tired to continually play every other day five sets. Just simple straightforward food for thought when making an apple to an Apple comparison compared to an Apple to an orange comparison. The women’s game is great and they are very deserving of what they have earned yet the pay should not be equal. I’m certain if you looked in the mind and heart of somebody like Mcenroe or Agassi they would agree with this statement.

  4. Don’t worry M Perez, because in a few years the men will play best of three in the Grand Slams, just like the women. All other tournaments where the men and women play at the same venue, they both play best of three. At these smaller events the men used to play best of five. Five sets is way too much for the modern mind to follow, so be patient my friend, then all will be equal. 😉


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