Let’s dance: Jelena Ostapenko has an unusual way of preparing for the new tennis season


How to get ready for the new tennis season the Jelena Ostapenko way? Hit the dancefloor! Over the weekend, the Latvian Grand Slam champion showed her dancing skills at the 2017 Baltic Grand Prix and proved that a Top 10 women’s tennis player can be a master in other fields as well.

The 20-year-old started dancing at the age of five and her introduction to tennis happened in the same period. Alona, as she’s called by friends and family, even competed in the National Latvian Championships for Ballroom Dancing, but when she turned 12 she decided to focus on tennis, as she liked it more and was better at it. However, dancing is still part of her life and when the surprise 2017 Roland Garros champion is at home in Riga, she tries to go ballroom dancing four times a week.

Don’t think that tennis and dancing have nothing in common! Alona credits her good footwork and coordination to her dance lessons.



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