Serena Williams’ Nike fashion in pregnancy-shortened 2017 season


In 2017 Serena Williams played just two tournaments, casually winning one, none other than the Australian Open, and the legend did it while being pregnant with her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. Despite the American’s shrunk season, I’m including her in this year’s Fashion Retrospections, as not only does she deserve it, but she did have dresses ready for two more Grand Slams, even though it was certain that she wouldn’t play them.

At the ASB Classic in Auckland, Serena worked the Nike Fall Serena Premier Dress, accessorized by black arm sleeves. It’s the black and white version of her high-collared 2016 US Open look.

I like to call this dress the Circus Dress, because the wide contrast pleats remind me of a circus tent.

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En route to winning her 23rd Grand Slam at the 2017 Australian Open, Serena wore the stunning Nike Spring Premier Power Dress, inspired by the shadows cast on a tennis court, although the print reminds me more of piano keys.

Even though she was just a spectator at Roland Garros this year, Serena did have a dedicated dress for the tournament, the Nike Summer Power Premier Dress, which is actually a paint-splashed romper, without built-in compression shorts.

For Wimbledon Nike created this captivating Fall Serena Lawn Power Dress, characterized by a deep V-neck, closed cutouts, layered skirt with mesh hem and asymmetrical mesh top layer.

Serena is both a tennis great and a style icon, which she’s proving from season to season, no matter how many tournaments she plays. Even though her title defense at the upcoming Australian Open is still uncertain, she already has special Nike kicks ready for the occasion!


  1. The question I have is why doesn’t Serena wear the clothes designed by her sister Venus, whose Eleven brand is fabulous. The clothes are beautiful and high quality and look great even after you wash them. They are also affordable. Serena should help support the Eleven line.

  2. Jeanius, because when you’re a sports legend you can’t always wear what you want, you have sponsors and lucrative contracts which are often long-term.


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