Serena Williams, Genie Bouchard to impress at the 2017 Australian Open with new Nike black and whites


Nike is ready for the 2017 Australian Open with a stunning new collection. I adored the company’s Melbourne designs last year, especially Serena Williams’ crop top, but this season they’ve raised the bar again!


Serena Williams will debut the Nike Spring Serena Premier Power Dress, which I like to call the Piano Dress because of the print. I love the print, the solid panels at the bust and upper back, contrasting the slightly sheer overall fabric, stylish thin vertical cutouts at upper back and bonded zipper between them. In addition, the American is continuing the trend of long sleeves she started at the 2016 US Open.


Besides the black and white version with hyper orange Swoosh, the dress also comes in electro green with black.


Another great thing about this design is the extended back hem.


Eugenie Bouchard‘s edgy separates include the Nike Spring Premier Crop Top and the Nike Power Spin Premier Skirt.

What’s innovative about the top are its half-length raglan sleeves, while features taken over from the last season are the cropped length and rounded side vents.The body’s hot zones can cool down thanks to strategically placed open knit pattern.


The crop top also exists in electro green with black high-density Swoosh at centre chest.

Genie’s printed skirt’s elastic fabric stretches as you run during rallies and then recovers its shape for maximum support. The integrated shorts provide coverage, as well as ball storage.

genie shoes_AO17

Genie’s shoes will be these Nike Air Zoom Ultra React.


For players who are not fans of crop tops, Nike prepared a classic Spring Premier Slam Tank that can be wonderfully combined with the Spring Premier Print Ace Short.



  1. How is it that the crop tops look so awful on these otherwise amazing women athletes. I love the dresses and there may be a way to make a crop top work by Genie’s looks really uninspiring in those photos.

  2. Nike has been stepping up their game especially at Aus open. For the past couple of years Serena’s outfits there have been splendid. I really like the direction Nike is going. The green version of the dress is very cute as well. But I gotta say not a fan of genies look. maybe if i see it in action I might change my opinion but for me that crop top doesn’t go well with the skirt ( I think it’s perfect that top and skirt are quite contrast with one being completely plain and other having design but still I don’t like the top). Thank god they made alternate tank for players ( which for me suits very well with both the skirt and shorts) I mean imagine the horror to see someone like petra in those tops! I think Nike learned their lesson from wimbledon last year

  3. I don’t think that crop tops suit anyone, actually….I have seen those who look absolutely worse than Petra but I do hope that she will get something better, she deserves it. Besides, there is absolutely no sense in the combination crop top – half-length sleeves!

  4. I’m loving Serena’s dress. It’s something I’ve never seen her before. For the past few years she has been wearing solid dresses without prints but now they made something that is very interesting. Good job!

    But between the two giant sports apparel, still digging Adidas. They always come up with something different, fashion forward I guess.

  5. Love this collection! I would buy that dress and actually wear it on the tennis court. Kudos to Nike for finally bringing their tennis styles up to the level of their other designs.

  6. What an incredible daring collection from Nike, I’m not a fan of the long sleeves but the dress is amazing, especially in green, do you know what Nike represantives such as kvitova will be wearing ?

  7. Well, the dress of Serena looks like a female version of Roger Federer’s shirt for Australian Open. I think the sleeves are really getting “in” in women’s tennis fashion because I saw Christina McHale sport a sleeve as well with her new Lacoste dress.

    for Genie, the crop top would look nice because of her physique but I’m not sure with other players especially the conservative ones. I think the electro green version resembles Rafa Nadal. I actually like Genie’s kit in Sydney. Maybe she can sport the Spring Premier Slam Tank with the Spring Premier Print Ace Short. It’s surely a hit for me!

  8. Mamiejane, hm I actually think Genie looks awesome in this photo!

    Sru, I agree that crop tops are definitely not for everyone, but I think that they are great for Genie! And sure, the tank goes well with both the skirt and shorts.

    Claire, lol I like the extended sleeves combined with the cropped top. 😛

    Ozzie, I’ve been writing about women’s tennis fashion for a decade and overall I also always give the edge to Adidas. There’s something about their designs that’s just as innovative as Nike, but somehow more ever-lasting.

    Sabey, the dress is spectacular! I admire them for making a dress that is so stylish yet totally different from everything we’ve had so far.

    Pete, I actually prefer the black and white version, but green is amazing too.

    Roberto Kummelstedt, I have no confirmed information about Kvitova’s kit, but I can assume she’ll wear one of those plain tanks and maybe this Bouchard’s skirt, or even a solid skirt from the collection, as there are many options, both pleated and not.

    Emman Damian, crop tops would be a big no no for most players, but Serena and Genie can pull them off flawlessly! Right, they’re not for conservative players.

  9. Crop tops were in last year when Serena won it with her pleated skirt though! Loving the dress, especially the black and green, I’m guessing that will be Serenas day dress and the black and white, her night dress? She usually had two, 1 day and 1 night dress.

  10. Crop tops were in last year when Serena wore it with her pleated skirt though! Loving the dress, especially the black and green, I’m guessing that will be Serenas day dress and the black and white, her night dress? She usually had two, 1 day and 1 night dress.

  11. Hmmm..the model in the green attire sorta looks like Korean golfer So Yeon Ryu, who in my opinion is the fashion queen of the your heart out Paula Creamer. (If I could just see the model’s eyes I would know for sure.)

  12. Helen, Maria Sharapova first comes to mind when I think about high-waisted skirts. She wore a handful of them throughout her career. You can see some in my 2014 Maria fashion retrospection:

    My favorite one is from her 2007 WTA Finals, you can see it here: That’s Maria’s best retro look ever!

  13. I’m loving these black and white looks from Nike!
    Regarding the crop top, I think the only way most of us can get away with one is with a high-waisted skirt. I love my high-waisted Nike leggings as they hold my stomach in (my latest blog post shows me wearing them if you want to see what I mean!) Has anyone ever seen a tennis skirt with such a high waist? If not, I hope Nike can make one!


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