First look: Venus Williams’ EleVen clothes for the 2017 Australian Open

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I got in touch with EleVen and even though there are still no official promo pics of Venus Williams in her Australian Open dress, we do have drawings to give us a preliminary insight into the Spring/Summer 2017 collection called the Thika collection.

EleVen Australian Open 2017 Venus Williams

Just as we expected, Venus will deliver a variety of printed clothes. I have no official description of the print, but I can say it reminds me of a tropical sunset. The blues and purples remind me of evening skies in exotic vacation spots, while the blurred stripes look like sunrays.

Venus Williams EleVen Australian Open 2017

We can expect Venus to wear this Competitor Dress, featuring a wide dark waistband that makes a boundary between the printed skirt and white top.

How would you describe the Thika print?



  1. I really like the designs. One thing I love about eleven is the number of options to mix and match. It’s like a new outfit for every tournament ( although she usually does have unique dresses for every other tournament 😛 )

  2. Phill, oh wow, you have a good eye and memory! Thanks for the share! That’s the dress!

    Sru, EleVen has a lot of options for mixing and matching, and on top of that, they release a new collection every few weeks.

  3. I tried to put the link of a photo from Australian Open 2011, but it was considered as a spam, I don´t know why

  4. Kind of a “busy” dizzy pattern, but in the link that Phill posted, 2 luv the white top with the “busy” skirt combo. The white definitely mutes the dizziness of the pattern.

  5. @Dan Yes! This is the same pattern as her infamous “Alice in Wonderland ” dress from 2011. It even has the yellow criss crosses which look like the yellow lattice cut top of the 2011 dress. I always thought that the idea of the dress was good but the execution was really poor. The lattice top should have been tighter and made of a different material.

  6. Dan, this new dress doesn’t remind me at all about the 2011 dress. The 2011 dress is one of the biggest fashion disasters in tennis history, while this new dress will look lovely I’m sure. I can see the similarities that you’re referring to, but the execution and the end result are absolutely different. P.S. Sometimes WordPress marks comments with links as spam, but I can manually approve those comments when I see them.

    Jim, I agree, the white gives a nice balance. I think this collection will be a hit. I like the tropical print.


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