Haters back off: Sharapova has her 2017 Australian Open dress, even though she won’t be even near Melbourne


Maria Sharapova is set to make a grand return to competitive tennis on April 26th at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart, the tournament she’s won three times in a row, but even though we’ve known for months that the Russian will not play the 2017 Australian Open, Nike created the Spring Maria Premier Dress for Melbourne and we even have a photoshopped image of Masha in it thanks to mistereyfatter.


The design is outstanding, just as other Nike outfits for the season’s first Grand Slam, and what’s better, Maria’s line is completely different from Serena Williams’ and Genie Bouchard’s black and whites.

Sharapova’s Australian Open 2017 dress embraces a minimalist approach with its clean lines and sharp colorblocks, but it doesn’t look cold or strict as light aqua and ghost green bring the necessary softness to the design. A perfect no-frills look!


The dress, which also comes in arctic orange and hyper orange combined with black and white, features a contrast V-neck with bonded zipper, while the back has a thin opening, another subtle detail that makes a huge style impact.


Also available in the first Nike Maria collection of 2017 is this Nike Spring Premier Maria Tank, which I mentioned in my Maria Sharapova 2016 Fashion Retrospection. The top exists in two lighter versions as well.



  1. My favorite color scheme is the ‘antarctic’ orange and hyper orange with the black with deference to those at the south pole! 2 love the concept of the zipper, but from personal experience I do hate it when those zippers no longer function.

  2. “haters back off”? Seriously, the woman is not coming back from injury but a doping suspension! Get some perspective. Embracing her makes a mockery of the very serious issue of doping in our sport.

  3. “haters back off”???? Seriously???? i couldn’t agree more……..

    This is wrongfully written….. after all this time, the title should have been….

    “Sabey back off!”…..

  4. Sabey is absolutely and completely right! So much for the two year ban. This is not at all about hate, more about keeping sport clean. Amazing, how some people choose to be blind when they like an athlete, or find her inspiring.
    I quite like the black and green top, though.

  5. I wanted to emphasize Sharapova’s unprecedented, unbeatable marketing power. The fact that even when she doesn’t play, the biggest sports apparel company created a dress just for her. I wanted to make a joke by saying “haters”, meaning people jealous of her success which can’t be denied.

  6. Marija, you are absolutely correct… people can be very jealous for no reason… ita not like Sharapova stole their money or took their boyfriend, etc… people can be so unforgiving and that is just pathetic…

    Well whatever that is, one thing remain true…. we will see her and hear her grunt again in less than 100 days… so haters, please do back off …. i mean really really far back if you could…and maybe take some meldonium as well cause apparently thats all it takes to win 35 titles, 5 grand slams and millions of dollars.

  7. Again perspective is lost…did Maria steal my boyfriend, no…but she lost my confidence in her doing the right then when faced with adversity as well as my dollars albeit indirectly via Nike. I can applaud a woman taking care of her business, but I call foul to all those supporters of Maria who cannot call their ‘s-hero’ out when she is caught betraying our confidence and breaking the rules. The ‘joke’ was a fail. See big picture and not fall in the trap of Maria being a marketing force. I will continue to support the ladies of the WTA who take care of their business in a clean manner and call out those who do not. Shame on Nike for continuing their support, but capitalism reigns supreme versus the doing the right thing.

  8. I missed seeing Sharapova at this years australian open. I cant wait for her return to tennis in april and i hope i get to see her at aus open 2018! 🙂
    I like that nike still designed an outfit for her 🙂

  9. You are right, people can be mean, she should never have been banned. Maria will always be on of my favorite player.


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