Adidas’ Australian Open 2017 outfits inspired by Melbourne’s terrain


When I think of the Australian Open, I think of its blue courts and the yellow sun that shines on them, so those are the colors I always prefer to dominate in the season’s first Grand Slam. I’m glad to see Adidas went along those lines for the 2017 edition of the tournament, picking ocean blue and bright orange for the sunny major.


Angelique Kerber will try to defend her title in the Adidas Melbourne Tank and the Adidas Melbourne Skort, whose cooling fabrics will help the German withstand the extreme heat in the tournament’s host city.


When it comes to design, what’s not to love about these dual orange spaghetti straps that meet at center back?


Adidas says that layers in the new lightweight collection symbolize depth of the ocean and sky with sun bleached print.


I love it when tennis clothes are inspired by local environment and Adidas sure knows how to properly execute that, as their US Open 2016 collection that abstractly depicted NYC’s landscape was my favorite collection of the season.

Kerber shoes

Kerber’s quick feet will enjoy these new Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 2 shoes.

Adidas also had these promo pics of Ana Ivanovic ready, but then she announced her retirement just days before the new season and will apparently not play the Australian Open.


We’ll see who will wear this Adidas Melbourne Dress intended for the Serb.


Just like the rest of the women’s collection, the dress is equipped with ClimaLite materials that help sweat evaporate quickly and Climacool technology that assists the body’s ability to regulate its temperature in scorching heat.


The collection’s signature straps, layers and sun-washed graphic are also there.


How do you like Adidas’ ocean blues? I love everything about it! Light blue collections have always been my favorite for the Australian Open.



  1. The design looks great on Angelique! Although I am always fond of ocean blues, I still wonder whether more contrasting colours wouldn’t been preferable since the AO Courts are blue. Perhaps Angie’s skirt is contrast enough, though.

  2. I absolutely loved it! I think of the 2014 dress they made for Ana. It’s almost the same shade with orange accents/accessories too. It would have been a fashion ace again. I’m wondering who will wear the dress version. Most likely it’ll be Kiki Mladenovic.

  3. I like them but I think I should wait till i see them in action before getting real opinion especially Angie’s outfit

  4. Claire, there is enough orange for contrast. Moreover, I used to believe that outfits in the color of the court are not the best option, but it’s actually quite the contrary. For example, red dresses look awesome at RG! Just think of Ana’s RG dress in 2008.

  5. Hmm I’m not so sure about these. The spaghetti straps won’t give much support and the blue dress looks a bit plain.

  6. CLT, I don’t think it’s plain. I’m sure you’ll change your mind when you see it in action. There are layers, nice orange contrast, …

  7. Adidas is always great, however it would be nice to see more designs this year. It becomes tiring to see this design all the way from now until the French open don’t you think?

  8. Roberto, I do understand your point, but in Adidas’ case I don’t mind since they’ve chosen quality over quantity and their designs are really always outstanding.

  9. Man seeing Ana in this new campaign and knowing we won’t see her in that dress in action, it breaks my heart even more……

  10. Saudin, it really is so sad, but I’m sure she made the right decision for herself.

    Sabey, there is a built-in bra in the tank top, just like in most Adidas’ designs.

  11. CLT, yes, but many players still wear just a built-in bra. Think for example of Heather Watson and Nicole Gibbs and their New Balance spaghetti straps look.


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