Public kiss: Kristina Mladenovic & Dominic Thiem relationship confirmation


Just days after I added Madison Keys’ relationship with fellow tennis player Bjorn Fratangelo to my WTA Players and their Love Partners section, Kristina Mladenovic for the first time shared her affection with boyfriend Dominic Thiem in public, kissing him on the cheek in an Instagram story.

Dominic Thiem Kristina Mladenovic kiss

Rumors about the relationship between the WTA world No.11 and ATP world No.5 have been swirling around since Kristina posted the below photo of her and Dominic training at the Mutua Madrid Open in May. In mid-November, Kristina was spotted in the Austrian’s box at the Nitto ATP Finals in London, sitting next to his mother Karin.

As Tennis World USA states, in an interview for Die Presse, Thiem confirmed the love story, which started in the summer, most probably during Roland Garros:

I won’t say anything about it, but it’s obvious we are in a relationship.

Moreover, Thiem’s coach Gunter Bresnik commented:

It didn’t change anything for Dominic in terms of work ethic. This relationship is an advantage because Kristina accepts and understands things like a tennis professional.

Moreover, Kiki, who is heading to Brisbane to start her season, today posted a group photo from Dubai, with Dominic next to her. The 24-year-old’s photo description states:

Most precious thing ❤️ My family & friends.

After I posted this article, Dominic shared the above photo on Instagram, saying:

Merci for making my life even so much better <3 #betterhalf #theone #ontoagreat2018

And Kiki posted the same pic, saying:

You are something unique <3 #betterhalf #theone #ontoagreat2018


  1. I follow the Austrian Thiem religiously, so thanks Marija for posting this. Kiki was also sitting with Domi’s mom Karin in the grandstand at the US Open this summer when Thiem had his colossal meltdown against Del Potro in the round of 16, blowing a 2 sets to love lead and several match points. He has the same physio that Li Na had for years, German Alex Stober..another reason I root for him. And I hope this puts to rest the notion that Thiem is gay..I follow his facebook profile where some obviously gay men swoon over his good looks!

  2. Jim, Slaps, not to mention that a man can have a girlfriend and still be gay lol. But I’m not referring to anything concerning Dominic.

    Bbr1979, oh wow, thank you! I have to write about this! 🙂

  3. best comment ive heard all day Marija lets hope so I’ve met dominic before and i have a story if you’re interested

  4. Slaps, share the story with us here, if you can.

    Sru, amazing, he said “Merci for making my life even so much better ❤” He wants the world to know he’s in love.

  5. Well i hope this romance doesn’t affect their performances in their respective circuits. Probably Kiki was speaking his language (Kiki can speack 25 languages as per Muguruza). Haha. Kidding aside, I’m happy for both of them though.

  6. i heard that kiki wanted to be with alex zverev but he rejected her but anyway this summer i went to a tennis tournament for the first time in cincinnati and on my 2nd day there i finally met domi and it was the best day of my life i got his autograph and shook his hand and then after his practice i saw him walking to leave the court and i ran like hell because i wanted to talk to him and i got his attention and asked “do u have a minute to talk?” and he replied yeah so we talked about cincinnati and thats about it there was about an hour left until his match with fognini and i wanted to get something for him like a gift and at the venue they have those coke bottles with peoples names on them so i said i must get one with his name and this one place have a freezer with a bunch of cokes and i asked the bartender if he could find 1 with the name dominic and he said ill look when i get a chance so a half an hour later i went to the bar again and asked if he found one and i kinda gave a look like this is important so he sent one of the assistants to look through the cokes and unfortunately there wasn’t 1 with his name so running out of ideas i wrote a note to give him after the match so after the match i walked down the steps towards the court and i asked if i could show that place i told about on wedneesday and he replied “i have to practice” so i gave the note and walked away on that note i wrote my name and my number but i not want to give him the notion that i liked him so i wrote i don’t have much friends in real life (which is true) he never called me which hurts but i understand i regret not telling my feelings about him i love him so much

  7. This is actually crazy… I was convinced that Dominic Thiem had a long-term girlfriend- I even thought I saw a picture of them on instagram the other day! Had no idea that he and Kristina Mladenovic were an item. I must be further out of the tennis loop than I thought I was haha!

  8. Slaps, you shouldn’t feel heartbroken for him not calling you, as he is certainly very busy and even though he would like to interact with every fan, it’s simply not possible. You really shouldn’t take it personally. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


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