Simona Halep dating former Romanian tennis player Radu Barbu

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I’m finally adding world No.1 Simona Halep to my WTA Players and their Love Partners page, as now I have proof that her boyfriend is former Romanian tennis player, Radu Barbu. Reportedly, they started dating after the US Open, as it was in him that Halep found consolation in after her tough first-round loss to Maria Sharapova.

In early November, Romanian website published paparazzi photos of the couple vacationing in Portofino, Italy.

The 34-year-old Barbu was born in Pitesti, Romania, but in his twenties moved to the USA, playing for the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University (TCU) from 2005 to 2007. Later on, he was appointed a student assistant coach. Barbu, whose highest ATP ranking was No.1151, is friends with many Romanian players, including Halep’s former coach Andrei Mlendea, as well as Horia Tecau, Florin Mergea, Andrei Pavel and Victor Crivoi. Barbu’s current occupation is a young tennis development program in Romania.


  1. I cannot believe this! But it’s kinda cool that the hottest girls don’t give a shit about looks. This guy is Cleary not handsome in any way. Haha. And he’s not got much going on professionally. He’s just some loser atp player who I’ve never heard of. That’s crazy! These girls are so weird. All thus guy did to get Halep is be washed up, have no career and be Romanian. That’s it! My mom always told me chicks don’t care about looks very much and this shit proves it!

  2. The horned frogs of TCU have always had pretty good tennis teams. I live in Ft. Worth, Texas where the school is located and I actually attended TCU during my freshman and sophomore years many years ago, before becoming an Aggie at Texas A. & M.

  3. Dude, it’s true that she’s way above his league in tennis, but still he’s in the same world and he understands her way of life. Also, I don’t think he’s ugly, he’s just not a model type which is perfectly fine.

    Jim, I’m glad to know that! Thanks for giving us a better insight into TCU’s tennis teams.

  4. Marija, you’re right he’s not “ugly” BUT HE’S NOT GOOD LOOKING EITHER!!!! I’m jealous as hell man…

  5. Shut up idiots I am from Romania too Romanian girls are looking for good heart guys no some sort of great looking model with shit for brains and who are you to judge someone by its looks you don’t even know the guy but I suppose you lot have shit for brains too.

  6. Good for Simona! The age gap is quite interesting, however. That major win is just around the bend for her. She’s playing some of her best tennis yet. So sorry she didn’t win the AO title this year. “I greatly appreciate your grind, Simona, so keep it going!”

  7. Dan, clam down. The GUY isnt good looking. Its not a crime, but uh, you know you would think Simo would at least want something she could look at? One things for sure, he doesn’t have much to do since he doesn’t really have a gig of his own so maybe he’ll be able to follow her around the tour like a puppy dog. And haven’t you seen that episode of Curb your enthusiasm? Romanians are typically ugly. Hahahahaha! Just kidding about that.


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