Gemmeo Sport: Classically beautiful, slightly defiant tennis fashion

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This is a sponsored post by Gemmeo Sporta tennis-focused sports apparel company from Las Vegas, Nevada, inspired by the femininity and power of flamenco dancers. It was founded by identical twins Sari Lopez and Stacy Juillerat, who backed up their life-long love of fashion with a decade of performance research and development.

The White Lace Jacket, a knockout piece from the Gemmeo Sport Spanish collection. Stretch lace with Gemmeo’s signature gold zipper. A true statement piece!

Everything started with Sari’s dissatisfaction with the widely available clothes of name-brand manufacturers, so the mother of five started creating outfits for herself and for her fourth child Rocky, whose dress with strapping that resembled a peace sign gained a lot of popularity at junior tournaments. Rocky is the model in all Gemmeo photos here.

The White w/ black Raquel Dress, a white piece with black lace inserts brings athletic elegance that is a standout on the court. The dress is named after Rocky (Racquel) Lopez, a junior tennis player who inspired the creation of Gemmeo Sport.

Continuing to advance design and production, Sari and Stacy, who styled their friends and family throughout their youth and adulthood and who grew up in the world of business and entertainment, created Gemmeo to provide tennis apparel that players will feel comfortable in, that will help them perform their best, and that will also look appealing when worn off the court.

Blue and Black Mesh Tee + Skirt, a remarkably comfortable duo, easy to wear, and good for a variety of sports. Made with recycled fabrics and available in three colorways. This two-piece design was inspired by the twin’s love of flamenco fashion and dancers. Power vs. grace. Athletic, but so strikingly feminine.

In case you’re wondering what Gemmeo means, it’s a play on the Portuguese word for “twin” (“gemeo”), with the double “m” being a loving tribute to the twin’s late mother Mimi.

The Black Lace Jacket can be worn with anything to instantly create a head-turning outfit. Lightweight and gorgeous.

Gemmeo Sport is a made in the USA and will eventually include leisurewear, activewear, yoga and beach lines and will offer apparel for men, women, and children. Additionally, the company will soon launch the Gemmeo Project, a sponsorship program to help underprivileged young athletes with their training and competition needs.

Gemmeo’s Black Raquel Dress, a piece with black lace inserts. Lightweight, flattering, and timeless. A classic look with the unique addition of athletic lace.

The twins describe their designs as “classically beautiful, slightly defiant”, while the core of their mission is described in their following statement:

Athletes are our reason for being. They inspire us to innovate; to create storied outfits that add to the competitor’s esteem.



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